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Wanted down under

Just watched Sam and Andrea's story on the tv, how inspirational and I wish them all the best, it looks wonderful and with their grit and determination I'm sure they'll make it work. So uplifting, I feel like jumping out of bed and knuckling down!!!!!

I would so like a home gym coz I feel it would help so much, that's mt aim for this year, it takes so much out of me getting to the local pool that that would be it for the day, plus wet windy weather is a no no for walking on my own.

Anyway, the point is I hope it all works out well for them, they deserve it.

Good luck Janet xxxxx

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Thanks Janet for alerting me to this; I wasn't actually aware of this programme but I decided to watch it on BBCi catch-up. What a courageous and inspiring guy.....but I do think that youth is a massive advantage in clawing ones life back after a BI. And Andrea was the driving force behind the whole enterprise; a very dynamic woman determined to forge a remarkably different life for herself and Sam in Australia.

I agree........well done & good luck to them both. :-)

Hope you're feeling a little better Janet. Love Eileen xxx


Hi Eileen, sorry I've not replied sooner, thanks I'm feeling much better but another cold laid me low, but yesterday's good weather got me moving again, I'll message you later and update you, Jenny is coming over today so will catch up with her face to face, she has to be so careful because of her compromised immune system, ill health sucks doesn't it?

Message you later

Love Janet xxx


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