Business funding?

Business funding?

hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone knew if there was any kind of funding or grants for people with brain injurys or disabled people to start their own business? as some of you already know i have started my own photography business and it has taken off really well but i have been offered a space for a studio at an excellent price but im finding it hard to get a loan as i havent worked since my stroke 4 years ago any info would be fab thank you x

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  • Some nice images there.

    I looked some time ago and couldn't find anything specifically for brain injured or disabled. A lot of them tout support like this heading "New year – new start up support for disabled entrepreneurs" on this link

    but when you look at it there is no real practical help

    have a look at this page there are some on here that may be able to help

    All the best for the future

  • thankyou so much for you response you would think they would do more to help people get back in to work oh well I wont give up :) this is my facebook page if anyone wants to take a look :) im not a professional but ive had no complaints so far and im learning after every shoot i do :)

  • oops forgot to put up the link loooooooool

  • Hi Shellsbelle,

    Thank you for your post - what a great set of photographs there. It's really good to hear the business is taking off, and you clearly have a talent for photography.

    You might find it useful to read our factsheet 'Self employment after brain injury', which you can download directly from: (this link starts a PDF download, which you'll need to accept).

    I hope this helps - it is unfortunately difficult to find funding as you say.

    Sospan - thank you for those links, we're currently looking at our returning to work factsheets so will add these services.

    Best wishes,


  • thankyou so much for the compliment I will check that out too :) x

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