Here i go again

Here i go again

Rushed to Hull after collapsing and investigations showed i had a dissecting aneurysm that was close to bursting on the cerebellum.

the cerebellum controls balance and coordination and this was injected with glue to block any pressure build up causing it to kill off part of the cerebellum and, in theory, cause a stroke.

after3weeks ive been allowed home but i live alone.

lets hope i dont sleepwalk and fall down the stairs?

I did suffer 3 haemorrhages back in 1987 and they were treated but i had to learn to walk and speak then

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  • Oh, no spideyman, hope it's all going well now, the damage is in my cerebellum so know what damage there causes. I have good news today, will blog at length tomorrow coz too tired now but won the appeal at the tribunal for my ESA so should be back dated and they've recommended I am not reassessed in the future so big weight off my shoulders. But in the meanwhile, take care Janet xxxx

  • So what are you like now Janet?

  • Sorry I've not replied before I've been on holiday for a few days, my balance is not good, I feel like I'm shaking all the time, you know like you see people with Parkinson's or cerebral palsy, but I'm not its just a sensation but a bit disconcerting, I have to ignore it, I knock things over, I don't drive, my sight is affected too but still waiting for a test to see how much of my peripheral vision has gone. Sounds worse than it is, I can function quite well but not good enough to work, I have fatigue issues too, but we nearly all do, I've learnt my limitations and am getting on with making the best of things, I'm still hopeful that I can improve more it's not two years yet. The ESA issue has been a drain on me but I can put that behind me now and get on with things. Hope you are doing ok, I find when the weather changes, barometric pressure going up or down, that makes me feel particularly bad, head feels like its going to explode, but again it just needs getting used to and not worrying about. Love Janet xxx

  • Shit! Not good news. Sending you my best wishes and hope you're soon back to your best. keep your chin up mate


  • Good luck- These things are sent to try us-and they certainly do!!!!

  • Thanks to all the staff at the main Headway for the Get Well card and I hope to be on form by the time the Way Ahead comes round next year.

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