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can i really that bad an attraction

i had a sah in 2007 when engaged to the love of my life in 2011 when i tuirned 50 having realised i will always be disabled i released the love of my life from her obligation to marry me since when although we have gone our seperate ways she is seeing someone which delights me at her insistance i tried a few dating sites filled in the mulitiude of questions in the narrative i mention as in my photoi that i walk with a stick but and hers the bbut as soon as i say i had a rain hemmoraghe and how lucky i was its goodnight and goodbye neilhh

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Stick in there, internet dating is VERY hard work, trust me I know. I was on and off the various sites for four years with varying degrees of success. One or two 'daliances' even a year long relationship, but many, MANY letdowns, too many to count. But now, after far too many stories to recount I've met and begun a serious relationship with a lady I met online. She's moved to literally five minutes away from my home, her kids think I'm 'awesome' apparently and life is very good indeed. I've never been happier.

In short, keep trying and don't give up. Internet dating is no different to dating in the outside world. Some people are genuine, many are not, but in time they all eventually show their true colours and those colours will be either startlingly bright or depressingly dark.. One day, you will meet Miss Right, it is inevitable. Never give up, you're better than that.

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joining facebook groups is a groups way of meeting people too (not just for love)

i have joined many that have my interests and met many genuine people

i find the groups that have meet ups in real life are better as people cant pretend to be something they aint

i have found plenty of local groups for all sorts of interests,

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bikerlife style thank you look i am not desperate for love but to be candid i am never live alone which i now do but and i will find it extremly diffficult to have a relationship as my cchallenge will be to stop comparing whjo ever it mayt be to the love of my life who is exceptional my screebnsaver is a photoi of our two familes =at a diinner in marraketch at the restaureant that was bomed a few years ago by islamist terrorists i cant post it here


where can i find the list of these groups you spoke of i am a very socialble person with a wide range of interests i refuse to let my i njury lessen my interest in meeting people or expanding my interests please neil


there isn't a list just logon to facebook and whatever interests you have search for them mine are motorcycles and photography so i start typing photography

then when the list pops up choose see more results as in this picture


then choose groups in the left hand side

and see if there are any that suit your hobbies


and to search for things locally type canterbury or a more local area and see what groups are available


Neil have you heard of Meet Up? It is not a dating service at all but it is a network of groups in local areas where people can join a group that interests them and attend a meet up. The meet up groups include a wide range of specific interests and hobbies to general social meet ups. It is free to join Meet Up....although it is important to note that some groups may have a small charge to cover costs - this is always stated clearly up front and you are under no obligation to pay for anything you do not want to. Costs are more usually associated with a group in which members meet and make something which they then take home at the end and the charge often goes towards venue hire and materials costs.

Meet Up can be a good way to meet others who share common interests and meet ups usually take place in accessible public areas.

If you think this might be of interest you can check out Meet Up here meetup.com/ and you can search to see what groups are active in your local area. As always anyone meeting up with people they do not know should take sensible precautions but I have always felt safe going to these meet up meetings.


thank you i give a local one a go neil


was going to recommend meet up too, its based on area so you get to actually meet people