Ever been (mis)diagnosed with aspergers autism?

I'm seeing a trainee neuropsychologist at Salford Royal and after having seen me a few times, subjecting me to a series of questionnaires and cognitive testing, has basically told me I'm aspergers autistic which I feel is especially due to my communicational and social difficulties. I was a normal person before the accident and definately not autistic. I think I might have some traits e.g. coping behaviours, that I've developed as a result of the accident that may be similar to those that autistic people have and I've had less opportunity to integrate into society/make friends, etc. But I'm definately opposed to this diagnosis and psychiatrists and other psychologists haven't ever mentioned the possibility of autism. The trainee neuropsychologist said that if I don't accept it then she can't help me. I don't know what to do, if I don't accept this diagnosis then I can't get access to treatments apparently. Isn't there treatment specific to brain injury? I don't know why I labelled with this condition.

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Was it Salford Royal that dealt with your brain injury ?


I have wondered about this because many of us now have autistic traits thanks to our injuries and wonder if treatment is the same

It might be worth running with it and seeing if they can help I for 1 am extremely interested if they can help

I reckon you have nothing to lose and its just a label so I would say go for it


No it was RMCH since I was a child.

The Aspergers test I did is this one: aspergerstestsite.com/75/au...


I took the test and scored 14, but there are variations on the answers and I could have easily answered differently, I don't think the selection of answers is comprehensive enough and it can also depend on your mood at a particular time. I also think if I asked someone else to answer in my behalf, as to how they see me rather than how I see myself, it would be different again. I remember doing a similar test at the docs for depression and thinking it was pretty crap and I could have answered more than one in the given selection of answers or there just wasn't an appropriate answer for me so I went for the next best, obviously not giving a true picture. Tricky one but if you feel it is unfair and incorrect surely you can ask for a second opinion, especially as she is a trainee. I am sure she must have a more senior person overseeing things. If it doesn't sit right with you you must follow your gut instinct. My mum and dad had amazing care in critical care at Salford following both having SAH but I didn't rate either of the wards they were subsequently moved to on both occasions. Good luck


i scored 31 but as you say the answers aren't comprehensive enough for example the social questions could do with specifying whether you know the people or whether they are strangers i assumed social situations were with people i know and trust


Who arranged for the consultation with this person ? I'm actually having a problem taking this seriously because as there has been no previous history of autism/aspergers why is she pursuing this line when your communication/social difficulties are clearly a result of the brain injury and need to be addressed accordingly.

You are entitled to treatment which is appropriate to your condition. So I think you should go back to the person who referred you and tell them you aren't prepared to accept this fanciful theory and that you want a realistic diagnosis.


Autism and Asperger's are Pervasive Development Disorders - the traits have to be present during childhood, you cannot acquire them, although an individual may certainly suffer damage that results in similar behaviour. For example, I tick every box in the Attention Deficit Disorder checklist, but I didn't do so pre-accident, hence I don't have ADD. Simples. However, it may be possible to use Asperger's/ADD/Whatever treatment to alleviate the brain-injury acquired symptoms. ... On the other hand, the underlying cause may be sufficiently different that there is no crossover.

Either way, I'd all the trainee to actually look up and show you the Asperger's criteria and then ask her to explain how you "acquire" a development director. Unfortunately, I've come across instances of medics trying to fit a patient to a diagnosis before, and disagreeing is simply denial or oppositional behaviour on the past of the patient!


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