HEY. It's sunny today, it's a real beauty.

So everyone has to adapt their lives, people get married, have kids, get new jobs, learn all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody etc. If you want these things, you have to work with them when they enter your life.

The good news is, what we have here, isn't any different. Well it is I guess, you can choose to get a new job, brain injury just sort of crams itself into life without your permission. But all these things come with rewards, experiences like this stuff builds character, and if you really try hard enough, I bet you can come up with some things that have improved in your life since your injury.

For example; I hadn't played the piano in years before my stroke, now I've had time to start again, and I'm starting to perform. That wouldn't have happened without my brain injury. Yeah I sleep a bit more, but I can play the hell out of Le Onde, and is that really so much of a sacrifice?

It's obviously not as clear cut as that, brain injury is awful, and I have a lot more problems than sleeping too much, but I'm sure you get my point.

Come on then, let's hear some things that have chirped up since your "incident", and anything that you're doing better than before your "incident". If you can't think of one, then let's hear something that you're going to do in order to get things to chirp up.

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  • Playing piano, too; cycling again, gardening little fruits and vegs, studying 'online'archeology' and 'architectural utilitarian space' (more commonly, 'shopfitting'), post-structural literary theory, the toe mechanics of gechoes and praying mantises, Colonial history and ideology of 'Tintin', figuring out how to lie down in bed without falling off the planet, etc.

  • Wow...sounds like you're really getting to it! Good for you :)

  • I used to play the piano when I was 9-14 and then I had to give it up.

  • Did you have your injury at 14?

  • Yes I had my injury at 14, I can still probably play something though, the stress was too much my life turned upside down and I had enough to deal with on a daily basis so I gave it up. I haven't lost my musical ear though.

  • If I feel too stressed to do something, I just tell myself to relax, just be in that moment, and try to enjoy it.

    It's good practice for the future :)

  • I've started all those things I was leaving til I retired, I used to do stained glass and lacemaking at night school, would like to do them again also want to make stepping/edging stones for the lawn using concrete and mosaic and I need to get well enough to start decorating again, nothing's been done for over two years now and my husband works long days so has enough on his plate with me like this now, so lots to aim for xx

  • Yeah, goals pull you through the day. I think without a plan, we'll all fall to pieces.

  • Pre brain injury our garden was.....well! grass and weeds....Post injury....step out of the back door into our transformed garden....it's blooming lovely.... :)

  • Some serious metaphors in there :)

  • Nothing new as I'm still catching up with the old. But like Leslie, I've been working hard in the garden and (since I stopped smoking 18 months ago) I now have more money than sense...........so I spent a fortune on gorgeous plants ! (and I mean a fortune)

    Also I'm trying to improve my balance & confidence by riding my NEW YELLOW bike........it's so beautiful !

    So life isn't bad at all at the moment. ;-)

    Really good to have you 'back' Ben. x

  • I go back and forth, it's normal I think.

    Congrats on quitting smoking, I imagine that's hard.

  • I've had a total career change 4.5 years since On from my stroke in January 2009 I trained with InstructAbility at Aspire (spinal injury charity) with YMCAfit intructors as a Level 2 Gym Instructor, i also gained a Level 3 Exercise and Disability qualification and a qualification in Athlefit. The course was Mon, Wed and Fri 10am-4pm. As I still suffer from fatigue I would sleep all day Tues and Thurs, but I did it. No previous gym experience only PE at school in the 80's. instructAbility courses.are for people with disabilities visible or hidden. One day it will be the norm in any gym. One of my fellow students has just featured in a DVD exercise video for wheelchair users or as she likes to say wheelies. Anything is possible with self belief and the right help and support.

  • Inspiring stuff :) that makes me feel better, thanks for that.

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