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Hi Guys,

I wondered is anyone else on here taking part in the Edinburgh 10k for headway.

If so is there an area or rally point type thing for all the headway fundraisers to get together?

Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Dudley Garner's first 10KM Run for Headway uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fu...

Thank You


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Well done Dudley for even taking part & good luck on the day. cat x


Hi Dudley,

Thank you for your post - and especially for taking part in the Edinburgh 10K for Headway!

At the moment there isn't an online community for our fundraisers, but you are certainly quite welcome to post on here.

Please do let us know if you have any questions, or need any support at all with your preparations.

Best wishes,



Hi again Dudley,

Having re-read your question I think I may have misunderstood it, thinking you were referring to an online discussion rather than a meeting point at the event itself. I do apologise for this.

I hope your training is going well and you’re looking forward to the big day – not long now!

Unfortunately Headway hasn't been allocated a spot at the finish line but happily there are plenty of opportunities for a well-earned shower and refreshments at the end of your challenge – do have a look at the Festival Village map (link below). We’d love to see your race pictures too if you collect them – we may be able to use them on our website or Facebook page.

If you have any questions at all please do contact us at fundraising@headway.org.uk Thank you again for your hard work and good luck!

Best wishes,


Link to the Festival Village map: gsievents.r.worldssl.net/im...


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