My recovery from massive stroke 2010 now I am writing ,it boosts my morale I am an author never written before

II have written two stroke experience books and a trilogy of achildren's story be happy to exchange messages if it helps anyone.

Peter Corfield ex primary school teacher now living in France always positive always improving I was hemi plaegic now can walk with a tripod stick. No arm movement YET but it will come back

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  • Incredible ,,, shows so much hope for others,, keep up the enthusiasm ,, wonderful x

  • its always nice to hear good news, and welcome to the site

  • I had a bike pre stroke 1958 velocette venom had to sell it.did you have one?

  • xs650 chop was a bike accident that caused mine

  • Hello, Peter. Good to see such're very welcome here.

    Regards, cat.

  • thank you my twitter comment i posted was there is life after stroke unless it kills you my sort of humour i'm afraid

  • I am trying to help people and my wife by mavbe selling a few ebooks we found there werent many around after my stroke probably thousands now my first book was an honest account of my experience of my stroke what I have remembered about the day and a history of my life prestroke . as an ebook its cheap for someone to buy and has really done wonders for me. they are being edited at the moment. next being a teacher I loved reading to the chilgren Ive written a trilogy using a creative writing lesson I gave the children. If they could do it why couldnt I luckily an artist freind has illustrated the first one that is now published I paid for that Its expensive but was worth it for me to focus and give me purpose and self esteem I have sold one ebook and a close friend is buying a real one for his grand daughter. when all are illustrated I may approach a publisher.

  • so sorry Ive comr off a few times over the years I used to have azzr1100 but thought I might kill myself so I sold it . How are you?you anywhere near acocks green I lived on the Warwick rd near fox hollies most of my young life

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  • Hi Petehat,

    Just a reminder - if you could use the private message feature on here that'd be much appreciated, rather than posting an email address on the public forum. Just click on a username then the 'Send a message' button on the left of the screen.

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