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Neuro surgeon Appointment

Hi Everyone

I went to see the neuro surgeon yesterday in Nottingham who is now sending my details to neuroradiologist to review coiling - is this normal procedure ?

He spent the first ten minutes telling me surgery complications then said it's not always first option then that because I'm only 36 they would probably operate - confused !

Thanks x

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Phone Headway, they will be able to talk you through this.


Many sympathies. Medical staff can sometimes be very confusing. Coiling is a pretty normal response to neurological issues such as tumours, aneurysms and the like. It tends to be used where surgery is not an option, because of the lesion's location for example. I haven't had this procedure but I believe it involves shutting off some of the vessel with a metal coil, thus making it smaller.


Hi I’m about to have the coil fitted into my brain aneurysm on the 12th next month. They told me they pack the aneurysm with what is two times as thick as a hair into it... after a while the blood gathers around the coil and then eventually clogs up. Which in turn closes the entrance to where the blood gets in to anrysm.. which then of course stops it in future bursting. But they did tell me. It may have to be topped up at a further date. As they check it after a while to see if any blood is still get in. Which if it does they put more coils in at a later date. Hope this helps


Thanks I am just waiting now for my date - bit anxious but want to get it over with xx good luck with yours will you let me know how you get on ? Laura x


The waiting is the worst bit. And yes I will let you no. X


You’ll be fine good luck xxx


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