Involuntary muscle twitching when asleep?

Since the brain injury, my husband has always had involuntary twitching of legs and arms when falling to sleep. Since a seizure a few weeks back I have noticed that the twitches are much more extreme and more like small kicks ...and even the shoulders move. This now happens when he is also asleep and not just falling to sleep. It is not all night just for 10 minute episodes every hour or so. I will obviously mention this to the consultant but I wondered if any of you have experienced this too?

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  • Sorry no, but I'm wondering whether it's something to do with levels of when your whole body sometimes jumps just as you're falling into a deeper sleep.....about the REM stage. Maybe it's more pronounced in someone who has experienced trauma in the brain

    Sorry, it's all a bit homespun, & I don't know the official terminology but maybe it's a possibility. Best wishes to you & your husband. cat x

  • These could be myclonic jerks which are a mild form of seizure. Get him referred to a neurologist at your local epilepsy clinic as you should definitely get this checked out.

    Good luck x

  • I have a twitching eyelid, but only in the one eye. I don't know if this is a neurological problem or not. Does anyone here have the same problem?

  • I have had a few seizures following my brain surgery and my partner now tells me I twitch at night and sometimes I have actually kicked him so hard he has had to sleep on the sofa. :)

  • Bless him, the sofa is much better than the floor. My bed is a 'single' & I find that is better to have at first, you know to get into routine of sticking to 1 side of a bed..if there's too much room the body just sways around (that's my view anyway); I slept in a 'double' once: I stuck to 1 side of the bed all night I'll b ready for when a relationship does exist, on terms of sleeping over (but I don't think that'll happen for me though, do I deseve "a life" is what I always wonder).

  • Yes I have them too but not as bad,I think it's a little normal after a brain injury :(

  • just seen your muscle twitching i call it jerking mines awake is it seizures as its my left arm i carnt dont no when it will happen i have to getmy other arm pull it 2 my body 2 stop it jerking up down forward backward no 1s told me what it is id love to no, i read you like gardening now i loved my garden but loss use left im not able now years ive grownshow tomatoes never shown them but there better than you see in shows my mum showed taught me young i carnt put canes in tye with string you go for it when you do it stand back look at it theres your reward pleasureyou did it take care v

  • any body no whats e cause im not asking on this for me my aunt is 80 1 doc says parkinsons shes not had tests nothing but shes even falling out bed hurting herself im woried about her 2 got enough with my own tbi but shes my family and there not much left she hit head on cubord threw twitching jumpy in bed black eye last week same thing but face radiator id like to tell her somthing 2 help her x

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