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Hi all, musing on time this morning and realising that I have trundled along since my BI but suddenly been pulled up short by the thought of the unlived life I am unliving and another birthday looming....

I have decided that ABI needs to stand for Always Be Inspirational. BI is part of me, yes, but I can`t let it define me. We are all worth more than that and I refuse to let it win. I realise that this is not achievable for everyone and I am one if the luckier folk but hey, if you can, seize it, do it. I intend to spend the day writing, which is what I have always wanted to do. I am now off to compile a list if things I still want to do in my life and start ticking them off. Anyone else done that? The important thing, of course, is to actually DO them, though......

Happy weekend folks x

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  • Hi Abi, I wholeheartedly agree with you. While I was contemplating my situation in the early days in hospital, I thought of all the things I had filed in the 'I'll do that one day' drawer. Being told I could be dead in a fortnight if I didn't start treatment immediately focuses the mind!

    I drew up a bucket list of countries I wanted to visit as well as a bungee jump and skydive.

    8 years later I've only got South America left to visit and have done everything else on the list. So yes, go for it Abi!!!

  • Good for you...not sure I could bungee but I have a strange hankering to try wingwalking.....I am a terrible one for making `to do` lists and never doing anything on them though. Time to start being fearless, I think, we are tough, because we are still here, so nothing should be impossible

  • They do wingwalking at Shoreham, my local airport...maybe I should ask Santa nicely to arrange it!

  • I'm sure he will if you've been a good girl this year!

  • Always am (angelic halo round head) .......unfortunately.....

  • Abi I love this approach. I too get moments of realisation and always promise myself I will do more of what makes me smile...but it seems for the most part that gets lost along with everything else...

    With my arts/crafts I ended up with a long list of things to do/try and so I decided to make an inspiration jar.

    I used an old jar that was hanging about on top of the kitchen cupboard and I cleaned it and decorated it so that it would look nice and stand out (there's a much better chance of it working if I actually notice it ;) )

    Every time I think of something I would like to do/try I write it on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar and then whenever I am at a loose end or find myself unable to decide what to do I can dip into the jar and that is something crossed off my list.

    Not sure it would work for big life experiences as time is a factor and dipping into a jar when I have an hour to spare and pulling out a note that says visit the Lake District would not work LOL but an inspiration board might... can you tell I like to make things ;)

  • Hello Abi and headway friends

    Nice inspirational post just what I needed. absolutely important to try to not let our heads rule our hearts lol!

    I have bad days but can't beat a bit of mischief now and then !

    Wing walking sounds great... i read about an lady of 100 who did a parachute jump ... brill hey!? Although i might be a bit of a puker if I got the nerve up so stay on your side of the wing !


  • Hello Abi,

    what a lovely post and a wonderful thread you have inspired.

  • Interesting that you have given your BI a separate persona and an adversary! I see it as part of me in a different way - an injury with complex consequences that my sub-conscious brain is managing to the best of its (not inconsiderable) ability. I try to help it as best I can in this task. Probably due to injury to the medulla I am now on an oxygen machine and so spend most of my time in bed hooked up. I do not get any benefits and we fight a continual rear-guard action with debt, and my family disowned me giving no reason when my mother died in 2010 so it is fortunate that I have no ambition to see the world! But I have my YPs (young people) and live in stunningly beautiful countryside and have the wonderful internet! Being a PA to my family and friends suits me and my dogs and cat really appreciate my constant presence (except for trips to the hospital). Oh and now I am reading the latest Harry Potter book (play) and enjoying Strictly! Though I must confess that the cushion of 'happy pills' does facilitate me in focusing on the many positives rather than sinking into the mire of the negatives...

  • Hi there. You have not had it easy, have you? I think most of us seem to have had struggles of varying intensity. Debt, yes, counting the minutes until my wages go in overnight :) Counting our blessings is important, this morning means orange Autumn colours blazing in the hazy Sussex sun, coffee freshly perked, my kids safe and happy and wondrous music to lighten my life. There is bad, there is hard and yes, sometimes I want to just stop and get off the rollercoaster for a while but hey, we are on it, so we grit our teeth, fix that smile in place and plod on . At least we have this supportive space where we can vent ..x

  • Well said!

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