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New - help please

I’m hoping someone can help me make some sense of these blood tests. I’m not sure what they mean or if I’m in the right group to ask about them! I’m sorry. This is all completely new to me. I had a range of bloods taken due to extreme fatigue and one that was highlighted was;

IRON *31.96 umol/L (6.60-26.00)

Transferrin Saturation *53.21% (20.00-50.00)

Other numbers which might be useful

T.I.B.C 60.06 umol/L (41.00-77.00)

Ferritin 98.61 ug/L (13.00-150.00)

HB 149 g/L (115.00-155.00)

MCV 93fl (80.00-99.00)

If there are any other results you would like to know please let me know. I just put down what I thought might be helpful. Any advice very much welcome. Thank you so much for your time.


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