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New - help please

I’m hoping someone can help me make some sense of these blood tests. I’m not sure what they mean or if I’m in the right group to ask about them! I’m sorry. This is all completely new to me. I had a range of bloods taken due to extreme fatigue and one that was highlighted was;

IRON *31.96 umol/L (6.60-26.00)

Transferrin Saturation *53.21% (20.00-50.00)

Other numbers which might be useful

T.I.B.C 60.06 umol/L (41.00-77.00)

Ferritin 98.61 ug/L (13.00-150.00)

HB 149 g/L (115.00-155.00)

MCV 93fl (80.00-99.00)

If there are any other results you would like to know please let me know. I just put down what I thought might be helpful. Any advice very much welcome. Thank you so much for your time.

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Anyone ☹️

I’ve had repeat bloods and my transferrin and TIBC were flagged as low and my iron saturation has risen to 55%


Hi pop pop20, to be honest with you I can't really answer any of your questions, I'm still new to this myself waiting on genetic testing for HH. There is not much traffic on this group,nobody seems to use it regularly I know as I've been looking for a while,. Anyway, here is a link where you will get a speedy response and good knowledgable advice, it is the patient.info haemochromatosis forum. patient.info/

Hope this helps some, I know I've found it useful. Above all, try not to worry your levels don't look too bad to me.

Stacie. X


Thank you Stacie I really appreciate it. I will go have a look. I’ve done the 23 and me genetic testing to see if it flags anything up. Hope you get your answers soon. Take care x


No problem,I don't think your ferritin is high enough for HH but like I said I'm still learning. Worth asking on patient.info they seem to know their Stuff. Thanks very much, me too. Xxx


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