Could this be haemochromatosis?

Hello, I'm glad I found this website:)

After a blood test for thyroid a week ago, I got these results -

CRP H 7.30 <5.0 mg/l

Ferritin H 564.5 20 - 150 ug/L

So now I'm really worried. I'm on holiday in UK from Australia and can't see my GP till I get back to Oz in mid - March.

I have not previously been aware of high ferritin levels. What can I do in the meantime to reduce the levels? And the high CRP result - what can this mean?

Any insight/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • A high CRP reading means you have inflamation somewhere in your body.

    It may be your liver- there are specific checks for that.

    I'm not expert enough to advise you more but if you are "healthy" then time enough to sort it out when back in Oz.

    Ferritin of 560 by itself is not to worry - but does need checking why it's high.

    There is a thyroid site on this HU. So you could ask there if there are any implications.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks madlegs👍🏻

  • Hi, I also discovered I had very high ferritin levels (in excess of 1000) some months ago, which led to me be tested for haemacromatosis. My sister and I have discovered we are carriers of the gene which generally isn't a problem if you don't have high iron overload..Being genetic, I have had this for 56 years..and there does not appear to be a rush to sort out my iron I would wait until you are back in Australia. If you by chance do have haemachromatosis, it is treated quite simply by taking blood (as I understand). I have quit booze and my diet is very healthy...but I have a double whammy of having Hep C.. so that makes 100% sense. Hope you are enjoying your travels!

  • You can donate blood if you are screened first and they say it's fine, I have Hemochromatosis am in the United States hope you get to see a specialist soon good luck let us know how you are doing.

  • Thanks mherbie and Michiganpbc for your input. I will see my GP when back in Oz, and more importantly I will not dwell on it or stress about it while I'm on holiday👍🏻.

  • One quick tip--relax-- I don't know if you are here for business or pleasure but if it's the latter then just have fun, a couple of months one way or the other is going to make absolutely no difference. We all get worried when first diagnosed but HH is a very long term illness and as has been said above there could be many reasons for raised ferritin levels. One other small matter don't go altering your diet, even in the long term there is much speculation as to whether or not you can influence iron levels through diet. I hope that you are here to have fun and my best advice is--have fun.

  • thanks mikebenf. You're right - and I will chill out and enjoy my holiday. I'm reassured by everyone's comments. Much appreciated.

  • Did you ever find out if you have Hemochromatosis?

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