high ferritin, low serum?

4 weeks ago my ferritin levels were once again 'above range' , been like this since last August despite having been told years ago my body would never store any excess iron and I'd have to take iron for life.

Follow-up action "no further action"

Today I get the results from the serum iron and (not surprisingly to me, as I've felt worse since they took me off iron) its below range, as is my serum transferrin level.

Follow-up action "no further action"

Reason for test "recommended by haematologists due to high ferritin to rule out iron overload.

Yet GP has again put 'no further action'?! surely even a layman can work out if my stores are too high but my body doesn't have enough summat is wrong somewhere?

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  • I would ask for saturation test and Hemochromotosis test if you have a blood donation center you can try to donate blood if you are cleared to be medically fit to do so then extra iron would come out if you can call your doctor and get checked for Blood disorders I have Hemochromotosis

    And it shows in the ferritin level and iron saturation levels call your doctor and get checked, good luck to you let us know how you are doing....

  • Can you ask the doctor ? Or get a second opinion...