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Joint pain?

I have been reading some blogs on here and am now making a connection with CD and joint pain I am suffering quit bad at the moment I do have arthritis in some joints and I thought it was just spreading. I work as a school cook so I am handling flour every day does any body think that this could affect me. I would ask the Dr but I know fine well that she will not have a clue lol xxx

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I have had reactions from slicing crusty bread and accidentally inhailing bread dust. It's too easy to cross contaminate in the kitchen. I do a lot of food preparation and am constantly washing and scrubbing. I even have plastic wrap over my butter dish. Ask health and safety about wearing a medical mask. It might protect you from airborn contaminates.


Hiya Fifitricks- 6 years on since I was 1st diagnosed with CD & am still learning. Almost as with every year that goes by I seem to change in reaction to certain food combinations even tho on a strict GF/BLOW free diet. I too used to work in school, specialist TA. With all the personal care aspects of the job, had to wear disposable gloves during a big part of my day...or so it seemed. It was only in the year before the CD was confirmed, that I started to have problems with the gloves. Hands would become very itchy, blister & crack open. Later found out that the gloves were dusted inside with flour to make them easier to remove. I then had the battle with the schools Head to supply a safe alternative for me. So would say it is a big possibility that you should get your GP or dietician to chase things up for you.


I have already spoken to my boss and she is ordering me some mask's to put over my nose and mouth what a bloody dip I am going to look lol but at least I work on my own tee hee,

Thanks every one for your help

Fifitricks xx


Yep I get joint pain with CD.

Agree with other comments; cross contamination so easy esp. In that role.


Many of the celiac sites and doctors say you cannot get symptoms from touching gluten only by ingestion but I definitely react to touching flour. I went to a party and was touched on the back by a girl who had been cutting sandwiches and not washed her hands. I had a red blister of her perfect hand print on my back for hours even though I washed it off when I realised.


yep if have psoriatic arthritis, an auto-immune disease, i havent come across anybody being coeliac as well but it would be interesting to find a link or somebody suffering the same, to compare notes maybe .


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