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I have NCGS and I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I have become sensitive to some brands of chocolate. I was eating Aldi's choceur brand. I do not appear to have a problem with Cadbury's flake (which I had put into homemade ice cream). As I would like to have some treats at Christmas, have you any suggestions for UK brands which may be a safer bet. I am particularly sensitive to legumes and most "free from" products.

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  • Yes, my chocolate eating gradually narrowed down too, and I'm lactose intolerant, which is unhelpful. I've had no problems with Montezuma's (usually the dark bars so not sure if everything else they do is gluten free – it certainly looks like most are). They're not cheap though – it's become an occasional treat rather than a necessity!

    I just looked at the Aldi website and it says the Choceur brand "may contain traces of" gluten, but their Moser Roth ones don't list it – is it worth trying those? I think I had it ages ago with no problems, but haven't tried recently as I'm avoiding soya.

  • I eat the Ombars. Being someone who is gluten-free, dairy free and soya free I can tolerate these just fine. Rather expensive though! However some sorts do have added probiotics, which is an added bonus.

  • My partner and I have mixed intolerances and simular problems to you.

    We've had good experiences with Montezuma as other people have mentioned. Rice milk chocolate has also been fine. It took us ages to realise the soya and dried skimmed milk powder were the issue with us, maybe worth trying ones without it? (They're hard to find!)

  • Thank you to all for your suggestions. I also wonder if it's the soya that affects me.

  • Just like to add, I meant brands which are easily available in the UK, not necessarily UK made. Thanks!

  • I forgot – another one with no gluten and soya is Willie's Cacao, which you can buy in Waitrose. There are also Booja-Booja truffles, which they sell in Holland & Barrett, but they cost an arm and a leg so I've never tried them.

  • Thornton's chocolates have some gluten free options, which do not cost an arm and a leg. Have also come across 80% choc bar made by Chocolate and Love, which is gluten and soya free.

  • Wow. Very few have this kind of allergy. You need dietary changes to reduce or eliminate reactions. There are supplements that might help too. Ask your doctor the best supplement for treatment of allergic and inflammatory conditions.

  • It's worth checking whether the ones that affect you contain glucose syrup which is usually made from wheat and affects many of us, despite being erroneously labelled 'gluten free'. I am OK with some cadburys chocolate but not anything with wheat glucose syrup.

  • I have a similar issue. Cadburys seems to the worst. Not everything, but some of their products used to appear gluten free, but were contaminated I think. They now label some of their products as possibly contaminated. I avoid those ones too now. Other makes don't seem to be nearly as bad.

  • Cadbury have 2 different factories so that's why some of their choc is labelled may contain gluten and some doesn't. I only ever but the one that is not produced on a line handling gluten!

  • Interesting about Cadburys as I had the most awful reaction to their chocolate the other week. I was surprised as I thought the products I was eating were okay. There have been changes in their products - the squares have changed in the dairy milk blocks and apparently this affects the taste! Anyway I won't be eating the stuff again as I was ill from eating them.

  • I have gluten, lactose and soya issues but can recommend (in the uk) Chocolate Trading Company 54% dark chocolate callets. I buy a big 3.5kg bag and make my own delicious chocolates and while I appreciate thats not gonna be a possibility for a lot of GFs- the drops are delicious by the handful and make the most delectable cakes / sauces etc. Its so much cheaper than those teeny bitter little bars from waitrose and though theres a possible trace of milk- I cant say its ever been an issue for me. All other chocolate appears to be prohibitively expensive or, well, nasty tasting.

    I am a high sensitive GF (currently wrapped round a hot water bottle from a fail test run in with half a tsp of Tesco Thousand Island dressing) and though CTC dont market this chocolate as GF- I personally vouch for it.

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