Pain under right Rib


This may seem a bit of a weird question but has this happened to anyone else ? When I bent over the other day I felt something pinch internally under my right rib it was really painful at the time . Now few days later I still have discomfort on that side. This has happened before a couple of times , it feels like some internal organ gets twisted or caught dead weird and painful. I am a coeliac and I also have hiatus hernia . Anyone else have any idea ?

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  • Could be something or nothing. Possibly just muscular, perhaps something to do with gall bladder. If you're worried , talk to your doctor.

  • I get this pain often and cannot lie on m right side. Sometimes for several months. Had gall bladder and ex rays over the last five years. And nothing showed up. Went for to a Chiropractor and had physio and Acupuncture. Was told by him it was neuropathic pain. But he certainly helped me after just 4 sessions. I see him for a quarterly maintenance session now.

    Good luck. But do check out gall bladder first.

  • I get pain under the right side of my rib cage regularly too..Sometimes its a griping pain, sometimes a burning sometimes an ache.. I have had liver and gall bladder scans.. My liver function blood test have been a bit awry on occasion and I try to limit my alcohol intake these days... Not that i've ever been a huge drinker..

  • I get exactly this quite regularly when I lean forward in the bath or something, but it always seemed muscular to me, like a minor cramp. I didn't get it until my late 40s, so assumed it was an ageing/lack of fitness thing.

  • Yeah that's what I think but it almost feels like a bruise . But when it happens it's like something pinching under my rib cage when I turn or twist from the waist. I am 51 wouldn't say I was fit and prob slightly over weight but not obese . It feels like something caught my intestine or other internal organ may be a muscle ? I do have a hiatus hernia wondering if it's that. I'm waffling now but thanks for your reply.

  • I'm a year or so older and also have a hiatus hernia, but I hadn't connected them! I'll report back if I can work out any kind of pattern to when it happens. It's always the same place on the right side.

  • I have exactly the Same thing been scanned etc. Always have a uncomfortable feeling Under and to the right of my right rib going into my back. It has sometimes travelled under my armpit and into my shoulder. My consultant kept mentioning functional gallbladder. Read it up it is so uncanny. It's another way of saying your gallbladder is malfunctioning but for no reason hence why they never find stones or anything to cause it. I don't have any hernias either. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Dawn,

    Does the pain go round to your back and then up towards your shoulder blade? Do you get some relief by lying on your right side with your legs drawn up? Do you have it more often after eating, especially food or drink with a high fat content?

    If it does then it sounds like cholecystitis and you go and see your GP ASAP.

    I've had it myself and had the operation. NO MORE PAIN!!!!!

    Not everything you will get will be because of CD.

  • Hi Kim

    No I don't have those symptoms . Perhaps I haven't explained it too well. It's more of a discomfort than a pain. It's not Affected by what I eat. It' is like my internal organs are being squashed and after it has been caught up in what I can only assume to be my rib cage and pinched I then feel bruised and tender on that side for a few days then it seems to recover . Only to happen again on certain movement from the waist. Like I said it's really weird difficult to explain but not pain like indegestion or reflux or shooting more of a tender duscomfort. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • If you have a tendency towards constipation it could be caused by a sagging transverse colon, particularly as we age. Smaller meals, more fibre, more water (& some exercise, like walking, to keep things moving).

  • If the pain is concerning please visit your GP I've had similar issues on the left side and now my right is playing up too. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis

  • And it can be very painful so I would say it's best to get it checked out

  • Thanks Georgina

    I have heard of that I thought that was more in the central chest area ? the sternum .i don't think it's that it's not pain in my bone / rib it's the organs or soft tissue underneath rib . If it gets any worse I will go my GP. Thanks for your reply it's appreciated

  • Also look up fatty liver - often causes pain when enlarged.

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