Gluten Free Guerrillas

Vote in our poll!

Vote in our poll!

Don't forget to vote in our Big Question poll.

Tell us what gluten related symptom bothers you the most?

Is it bloating (as much of the medical press states), or is it plain old tiredness? What bothered you the most pre-diagnosis? When you're accidentally glutened how can you tell? Are you a 'typical Coeliac?' or do you get neurological problems vs obvious stomach problems.

Hop on over to the Big Question (megaphone) icon on the menu bar above and vote if you haven't done so already.

Your say:

What topic would you like us to raise for our next Big Question? Compliance with the gf lifelong diet? Number of you with associated auto-immune diseases? Issues that make it hard to follow a gf diet? Best things about having Coeliac Disease, has it helped you make positive lifestyle changes?

Suggest ideas and we'll pick some of the popular ones.


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