Gluten Free Guerrillas

If one company can do it, why can't others?

I am guessing that like most people diagnosed later in life, the first thought is "what will I eat"

That was until I discovered M&S thanks to a friend, 95% of their sausages are Gluten Free, their Burgers are, many of their ready meals are, and they do Chicken or fish in GF Breadcrumbs, chicken and mushroom or salmon "fishckaes" to name just a few. Many of their sauces are GF and lots of other products.

My question is - if they can make so many of their mainstream products GF and cater for us in their other ranges for the same price, why can't others do it?

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I totally agree but I think the difference is that M & S go for quality & people who shop there are prepared to pay a little extra. Bread has been used as a filler for sausages as it is cheap so it is used to bulk out sausages. Cut out the breadcrumbs & you need more meat - so they become more expensive. G/f breadcrumbs are expensive so not many places will use them on their fishcakes. Also it is more expensive to produce in small quantities. However other supermarkets could easily make a lot of their produce g/f if they had any interest in doing so & sometimes the g/f food actually tastes better than the original. I love M & S' stuffing.

Keep up the good work M&S & lets have even more cakes & meat products. My craving is for a really fluffy jammy doughnut!!


It makes sense if they were more expensive, but generally, they are not

For example, 8 chipolata sausages, £1.29, 2 Beefburgers - £1 (and far superior to Tescos GF Burgers for the same price)

Stuffing (again Gluten Free) - £1.29, their GF fishcakes, 2 packs for £3

Their GF Breaded chicken is £3.49 and included in their current "3 for £10) offer along with their other meats, Gluten free and not gluten free.

Naturally, their GF cakes etc are more expensive, but you would expect that in line with most other stores,

The point is, M&S rather than making specific products which are gluten free (wih the obvious exception of breaded items) - they have made their mainstream products Gluten Free - so those that don't need to worry probably wouldn't even notice, and those of us who need GF are of course delighted that we can eat the occasional not so healthy "treat".

We've now started doing the large majority of our food shopping at M&S (although I prefer Tesco bread) and there is no doubt our food bill has reduced as opposed to increased.


I wonder what they use to bulk out gluten free sausages and burgers. I suspect it is all the bits of an animal that would normally go to pet food, not 'meat' as such, and is worth liitle more than the breadcrumbs it replaces. You will maybe find they are higher in fat.

I can't help wondering why Estrella Daura lager is so expensive compared to ordinary beer. It is the best I've tasted, made by a large Spanish brewery, but costs £7.20 for four 330ml bottles. Sainsbury's were selling it off at half price, which seemed more than reasonable. At £7.20 nobody will buy it unless they are wealthy or desperate. I guess that's why Sainsbury had to sell it off.

Pity really. If they lowered the price they would sell more and everyone would be a winner.

Incidentally I've seen GF meat pies mentioned on GFG recently.

I bought some Dietary Special ones because they were knocked down to £1.60 instead of £3.20. There were about five little bits of meat in each, with tasteless gravy. A waste of money at half price.

How I miss Pukka pies, with the thick gravy and packed with filling!


Reduced price Genius white loaf dated 16th £1 89p insted of £2 90p Other gluten breads far cheaper.


At Tesco supermarket.


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