Is there any point in taking Vitamins ? Or am I just making expensive pee ?

I remember some time ago a thing about how most people are wasting money on vitamin supplements they didn't need to take as they were getting what they needed from their food ,however as a Coeliac we don't have the same diet as " normal" people so I am wondering/considering vitamin supplements.

In these straitened times is it worth the expense ? I never normaly take any thing but for years was an undiagosed Coeliac and must admit I do feel better since going GF ,I have put on a stone in weight so it shows how much I wasn't taking in .

Will I feel any drifferent ? Is it worth the expense ?

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  • As long as you have a balanced diet you shouldn't need them. Best advice is to get a referral from your GP to a dietician and do a food diary before you go - they will pick up on any shortfalls.

  • I am life long coeliac and have a pretty balanced diet, but about 4 months ago started to take multi vitamins in particular Vitamin D, and B12, and have felt a definate increase in my energy levels and overall stamina. for the cost of a multi vitamin (supermarket multipvitamin 3 for £10) - for me it has been worthwhile - suggest you have little to lose trying it out.

  • My doctor pretty much told me not to bother. I already have to take iron, folic acid and calcium and sometimes extra B12 so I can't actually take multi-vitamins as well. I have benn told by my doctor, as well as by my best friend who is also a doctor, that if I stick to a balanced diet and get my bloods done every few months then I only need to take what I'm low on when I need to.

  • yes antonia my doctor said the same i take vitiam b12 ijections evrey 3 months and used to take folic acid so as long as you have the righ food should be ok x

  • Diagnosed coeliac four years ago and being over 50 I am taking multivitamins as an insurance policy! Anyone any thoughts on lysine?

  • I might try multivitamins ,any recommendations ? Is worth paying more for ?

  • The simple answer is if your blood tests show that you're deficient in common vitamins and minerals and you discuss this with your Dr who agrees it would be beneficial to take vitamins then yes - do. However, take good quality ones that state they are gluten free as some over the counter ones can contain gluten.

    Many coeliacs are deficient in vitamin D, iron and B12 especially those that had no typical coeliac stomach symptoms. Vitamin D is processed via the stomach and as this is damaged in coeliacs this is a key vitamin it is worth getting tested for and assessing if you need vitamin D supplements or injections to boost your levels. After which eating well (inc. oily fish & eggs) and getting sunshine shoudl help replenish the vitamin D. However, as it can take years for the villi and stomach to heal it can take years for the vitamin D levels to increase. Which is why it's always good to consult a Dr before taking vitamins as like most things too much of them can cause damage. Likewise if you have too little then supplements can help boost your levels. Yet only do so in consultation with a Dr.

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