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CLOSED NOW: Competition: Beer loving Coeliac?

CLOSED NOW: Competition: Beer loving Coeliac?

If you're a beer loving Coeliac then you maybe interested in a new competition we've just launched on our blog.

Hop across to it here on our blog to take part and win some gluten free beer:


Good luck!

Note: Only open to UK residents aged 18 yrs old and over...

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Hi Fiona, out of curiosity do you have the list of ingredients - I checked out the site and couldn't find what they were?



The beer doesn't contain rice, corn or sorghum but hops and barley that they de-glutenize which comes in at 6ppm during lab tests. They recently won the in their category.

You can contact the company directly for more information here:


i am a beer lover and i would like to know why pubs and clubs do not cater for us.ilike a good evening out but have to settle for alternatives.


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