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Opinions on gluten-free beer?

Hi all,

I am a fellow celiac who dreams of having more gluten-free beer options that taste good and are proven safe. Maybe one day in the future I'll be pushing beer companies to develop such methods. But for the moment I want to know if anyone out there shares my sentiments. I've put together a survey to make it easier for me to track the answers, if you could fill it out here that would be super helpful:

It would also be great to get a discussion of some of the questions going here, and maybe recommendations for some of your favorite beers (and where to find them).

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi AnyBeer,

A topic close to my heart!

Take a look at a previous post, it should help you get a braoder view of the 'debate' about beer.


Hi Jana

Just completed your survey.

Ive tried lots of Gluten Free beers,most go down the sink they are not fit to drink

The best I have found is Daura brewed by Damm the Spanish Brewer, its won awards for a number of years and is available in Tesco.

I have found it recently in one of my City Center Pubs,it was like finding a winning lottery ticket !

It still has a slight after taste however.

I recommend take your holidays in Finland,they have a couple of local brews Kukko

by Laitilan brewery that are the best I have drank.

Ive contacted the brewer but they are not yet looking to export,but are working on it.



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It's got to be Green's naturally Gluten Free (e.g. brewed with non gluten containing grains instead of Barley) for me.

Their IPA and Dry Hopped Lager are great!



I've been told Estrella is gluten free but haven't rang them to check (not a drinker anymore) but worth a look


it hit me hard when i could not have a beer.i got in touch with hambleton ales of yorkshire.they are gluten &wheat free ale.500 M @4'.8 .free delivery within 2 days if buying 6 cases or more.i have been drinking this ever since.and enjoying.hope it gives you some help.ian h

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Hi Jana, I completed your survey, but I have to add that I brew my own gluten free sorghum lager from 'Gone with the Wheat' kits that I buy locally. I make 40 pints at a time for about £25.00, so it is quite cheap. It isn't ideal. It doesn't taste like any commercial lager but I have got used to it. When I pour it from pressurised kegs I get a pint of foam that takes 5 minutes to settle into a flat, lager-looking, clear, intoxicating liquid. It isn't chilled and it isn't fizzy. I would prefer it if 'Gone With the Wheat' made a traditional ale-like gluten free sorghum based beer instead of a lager. Lagers should be cold, light and fizzy; ales flat, rich and warm. I have tried to get Carlsberg interested in marketing a sorghum based draft gluten free lager in the UK, but they are not interested. In Africa, sorghum is the preferred 'grain' for brewing because they can't grow barley in the heat , and I know Carlsberg were looking into working with West African Governments to provide incentives to grow sorghum for brewing. I wish there were more interest in gluten free brewing and hope your survey is successful. Thanks /Phil


I have been reading about a new brewery called Bellfield. They are in the process of setting up. It is 2 Coeliacs who are intending to brew a large variety of gluten free beers, there has been stuff in the press about them. They are currently looking for investors......have a look on crowd cube. I know its a bit of a long term project, but, so far I haven't really found a beer that is as good as the 'proper' stuff used to taste! Maybe if we all invested a bit? :)


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