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I have been trying to buy Hambleton GF Ale and Lager at Tesco who have stocked it for years. They have now delisted it and no longer stock it even though they stock hundreds of "speciality" beers and lagers. I successfully campaigned Asda to relist Estrella Daura GF beer when they delisted it and hope to do the same with Tesco. Mail order is really expensive with delivery. Anyone that likes a choice of GF beer at the supermarket please contact customer services at Tesco and help get it relisted. Thanks for your help

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  • I didn`t know Tesco used to stock my favourite GF beer and have always gone down the mail order route!

    I have done as you asked, although he email address came up as invalid, so I used their on-line contact webpage. The link is:

  • Thanks for that, I think maybe I'll post on their facebook page if there is no reaction, always gets things moving. The email address I got an acknowledgement from was

    By the way the Estrella Daura from Asda is quite a nice lager type beer (tastes the same as Estrella "normal" beer I'm told!)but some people can't tolerate it because it contains below 3ppm gluten £7.36 for 4 33cl bottles

  • I have sent an email enquiry to Tesco via the link so will wait and see if I receive a response. You can get gf beers from Sainsburys too which is quite nice but they too only carry limited stock it would seem.

  • I have used the link. I buy this beer from and find them very helpful and reasonable on beer and lager prices anddelivery charges. See they have free delivery on at the moment with a case of 24 or 32 Ambar GF lager.

  • I've emailed and I am also going to place an order at the gluten free shop when I get paid.. I like a wee beer on occasion and am sick of drinking wine and cider all the time


  • Thanks for all the responses, I like my beer and also like a choice, so picking up different beers fom the supermarkets is ideal. I used to buy mail order but the Hambletons was cheaper in Tesco and I didn't have to lay out all at once which is a help as well. To me it's about having the choice. Why would a supermarket stock over 100 different types of beers and stock no GF beer!

  • Just got a reply from Tesco:- Rather standard but if they get a critical mass of emails then who knows?

    Dear Peter

    Thank you for your email and please accept my apologies for the delay in my response.

    I'd like to thank you for your suggestion of selling Gluten Free Beer in our stores.

    I've fully logged this suggestion to be passed onto the relevant department to see if this is something we can improve upon in future.

    I hope this information helps and thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

    Lexy St Clair

    Tesco Customer Service

    Tesco Logo

  • Good idea Flyer we like a bit of people power pester power! We liked Hambleston's as well.

  • Latest Reply from Tesco!!!! People Power may work after all

    Thank you for contacting us.

    My name is James; I am the Customer Service Manager responsible for responding to your email.

    I am really sorry we have taken away your choice of beer this is really disappointing and not what we want to do.

    I have passed your comments on to our Buying Team so they can look to start buying these beers into our stores again.

    If there is anything else I can help you with then please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

    James Elliot

    Tesco Customer Service

  • I was called by customer services after emailing them a query. I asked which store in my area stocked gluten free beer. I was told that my local store had gluten free ginger beer. Hardly the same I said.

    My comment and request was noted and I was told it would be passed on

  • Latest update. I was at the Freefrom and Allergy show at Liverpool yesterday and was talking to a few suppliers there. Apparently there has been a change of buyer at Tesco and he/she has delisted quite a few products. They told me that one of the products delisted was the GF beer, but due to the number of complaints received Tesco is talking to various suppliers with a view to supplying a GF beer back in to Tesco! Nothing definite yet, and it may not be the same beer, but looks like we may have succeeded in making them listen. If you have noticed a product disappear it may be for the same reason. Also another snippet of info on beer - look out for some good deals on beer in some supermarkets in November in the run up to xmas (reduced price promotions) the proposed price may be cheaper than mail order.Thanks to everyone who contacted Tesco.

  • I love that beer. Our tesco stopped about a year ago. Was and still am gutted.

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