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Supplements make fatigue worse! ? :(

Amongst starting sublingual B12 Methyl spray, I started my amino acid relacement which is severly lacking, Betaine HCI, ascorbic acid vit c, L Glutamine powder and Vit D3 capsules, but it has made my fatigue 10 times worse! :(

Is there something about celiac/atrophic gastritis which i don't know about? Everytime i try to feed my body nutrients, it goes into meltdown, is there some kind of mechanism that needs to be addressed first?...........So deflated right now. :(

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Have you checked all of these are gluten free and don't contain any of the foods you are allergic too? Many of the counter vits aren't GF so it's worth really reading labels deeply and asking pharmacists / health shop mgrs for tips.

You may also find that throwing everything at the problem all at once is confusing your body. Why not introduce one thing each week and you can see how you react to it.

Lastly don't forget that we often feel fatigued. Are there any obvious things you've missed like taking time out, going to bed earlier, avoiding alcohol etc?

Also do consider a good private / NHS nutritionist and discuss your findings with your GP. They may think you're cuckoo but at least you maybe be able to ask your GP for tips or a blood test for your main vit levels again next year. Low vitamin D / iron etc will make you feel v tired. You won't get instant results. Normally after a month or so you'll feel better.

And do remember to eat some carbs for energy even on your restricted diet (remember that veg are also carbs so they're good to stock up on and replace ones you can't eat e.g. swap potato which doesn't count as one of your 5 a day fruit/veg for sweet potato instead).


Hi Fi, yes everything is gluten free, all from lamberts. I have a good private nutritionist so will speak to her next week. Also have swapped potatoes for sweet ones.

Thanks. x


This happens to me too and I can't figure out why either. All are allergy free too. Your not alone!


Hi Paul,

There appears to be quite a lot of chatter regarding B12 at the moment. I know that you are aware that there are several variations. I will include various reports underneath for information.

What I also wondered, is whether you may realise is that Vitamin C comes in different varieties? Some apparently when taken alone as a supplement may lead to health concerns. I only found out about this recently as I have always thought of it as being the sort of supplement that helps to keep some troubles at bay. We are the only hominids that no longer make our own Vitamin C. Apes make approximately 3000 mcgs per day. If you are taking Vitamin C supplements then make sure that they are not chemical versions and they they do not contain only ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid apparently is the outer part of the vitamin that protects the richer middle which is rather like Vitamin B as it is made up of a complex of components. If you are taking ascorbic acid then your body will have to leach out of your body's tissues any existing parts of the vitamin complex to make use of it. Your body also requires copper to make use of the acquired Vitamin C and most supplements unless they are obtained from natural sources, just go around the bloodstream and are expelled in the urine not being any benefit at all. I may be wrong but I think that the strongest version of natural C is probably best obtained through acerola cherry powder if this is not easily obtained then look for natural rosehips, etc. Make sure that the ingredients state natural, if they do not then they will probably be a chemical formulation and will not improve your health in any way.

Check out the latter part of this article which explains the variations of B12:



The US Forum - problems with B12:




Thanks for these links cat! lol


I have heard that methyl form of B12 does not suit everyone. There are some people who are "over-methylators" and react badly to supplements that provide methyl groups, like methylcobalamin and folate:


I think Fiona makes a good point about introducing one change at a time - otherwise you won't be able to work out which are beneficial and which cause a bad reaction.


In addition Paul it's also well worth asking your GP about allergy tests on the NHS. Explain that you need some 'confirmed' medical advice. There are lots of good food / allergy clinics on the NHS and via blood tests and skin prick tests they can help confirm what are the most important areas to focus on out of the private tests you have had done. It maybe that although you scored on many areas on the private test you have less than you think to prioritise and concentrate on. You may well have a long wait on the NHS but it's worth it as they'll also add this to your medical notes whereas private tests are often dismissed or don't form part of your record.


Hi Paul, just to add to the other comments, my dietician at UCLH gave me a list

of products containing calcium and the mg per product. Some of these are natural and some are manufactured i.e. calcium enriched milks, most of which at the moment after trying, do not agree with me and make me go to the loo more than ever. I try and give 4/5 days at least before trying anything new.

Two of the things I am trying at the moment are pilchards/sardines (canned), but you have to eat the bones. If you can tolerate it, soya fruit drink with added calcium is 400 mg for 330 ml. I would also add that sweet potato does not work for me, so it is a case of try a little at a time and then wait awhile before trying anything else, to let your system settle down. Good luck.


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