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Gluten's tentacles spread far and wide and now, it appears, are affecting the horse racing sport and even more especially dressage horses!

Gluten's tentacles spread far and wide and now, it appears, are affecting the horse racing sport and even more especially dressage horses!

Occasionally, I have heard the odd celebrity mention that they feed their miniature dog on a gluten free diet but it appears that gluten is, for want of a better description, poisoning much larger animals too. Although, the thought of animals suffering because they are fed by man on foodstuffs that they may not naturally choose themselves is itself a subject that some will have their own private thoughts on, the fact that gluten comes into play, may at least highlight how aggressively destructive this substance really is. Let us hope that it makes the powers that be sit up and take notice and also think of what it is doing to us humans too!

Vets on Line indicate a problem with the feed ....

"To test the pathogenic role of gluten, one sport horse with chronic inflammatory bowel disease and antibodies followed a gluten-free diet for 6 months. Both villous morphology and blood antibody titers improved in this horse.

The development of a screening test aimed at identifying gluten sensitivity in individual horses based on blood samples is currently in progress."

To read the whole article please visit the link below:

P.S. I was tempted to call this post "We are not alone!" After saying it out loud I had visions of flying saucers and little grey aliens ....

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Believe it or not - this original link was supposed to be about animals having problems with animal feed containing gluten:

At the bottom of the post there is a further link - so I clicked it and it drove me to the full article on Natural News, so if you would like to read the full post then I suggest that you click the bottom link - it is worth reading in full:


My kitty has been at the kitty hotel while I was away working at the Allergy show in Liverpool.

The kitty hostess has reported that Smokie has had tummy upset...again...and that maybe she is sensitive to wheat....There is gluten free kitty food...and we will try it. Gluten problems are mentioned frequently on the kitty sites I read....

Now, forgive me, I am not a scientist, but if the problem is effecting more mammals...then it may be worth further investigation......

I will go back to doing prep for Cumbria event this weekend. See you all there....



Hya, dogs also have CD and you can buy gluten free dog food apparently it's only Irish Setters that get true CD but other breeds are often gluten sensitive. I worked with someone who had a Jack Russell that needed a gf diet. So Like Apricot says more mammals are affected by the dreaded gluten.


I have a dog and so watch out when buying him treats and food etc because I don't want to inadvertently gluten myself from giving him treats when out and about. I have noticed that the majority of dry dog foods are GF


Hi Jill, Apologies, I would have placed your name into my reply as well but you have only just popped up after the very last additional reply below .. the server must be on a go slow! Lol! I do know what you mean though about handling anything that contains grains. My daughter used to have a Saturday job at a bakery and when I went to pick her up you could often see the flour dust floating in a sort of bloom near where the oven was. The thought of any gluten being breathed in makes me have a tendency to hold packets that may be problematic at arms length. I look like a cross between a dalek and Inspector Gadget. I wonder if the fact that the growing trend of wearing masks in Japan will ever come here and I wonder if it helps to reduce gluten attacks in Japan?


There is thread from Japan here of someone asking for help on a US forum - if any of you have a spare moment it is worth reading and it really makes you grateful that we have so much more information at our fingertips over here. It must be so very difficult trying to find out details in Japan and China:


No problems....just a thought from your comments about your daughter...whilst in Asda this morning I had a little rant about the fresh GF bread being mixed in with all the 'normal' bread, the assistant told me that it all arrives in the same warburtons van together....makes me wonder how easy it would be for it all to get contaminated.....


I tend to steer away from the shop breads now. I feel that we are all being somewhat cheated as the whole 'gluten free' and 'free from' when it really isn't with this 20ppm allowance is so very wrong. Imagine if they did the same for people who had nut allergies there would be deaths, deaths, deaths followed by more deaths. The only reason that they appear to be able to carry on with the charade with gluten is that our illnesses and worse take so very much longer to develop especially when the gluten is being drip-fed into our bodies on the assumption that a 10ppm here, a 15ppm there and a 20ppm somewhere else is being generally acceptable by the medical profession. I still cannot understand why the charity for coeliacs in the UK has so many seemingly variances with those of the equal charity in Australia. The UK one says oats are fine the Oz one says - oats, no way! The guidelines being different means that one of them is wrong. Anyway, I won't rant on as you by now know that I think any amount of gluten is just not acceptable.

Did you notice that Jennifer Esposito who is, I believe, a coeliac and has had lots of medical conditions which appear to have arisen after her diagnosis actually uses oats in her cooking and recipes ......... makes me feel like shouting to her 'throw the oats away forever!!'

I know that many will disagree with my feelings on this subject .. but that is the beauty of this site and I think having looked at all of the sites over the world, it is the only site where we can all be truly honest and say what we think. The banter between us all I think helps to sort out the wood from the trees and definitely teaches us so very much in an amazingly short space of time! :)

If you have never read Jennifer Esposito's story of how she eventually found out that she was a coeliac it is well worth the read and I will add the link below:


Hi, Apricot and Jerry .... I think the main problem with cats and dogs are they are meat eaters - carnivorous by nature. We shouldn't really be feeding them any form of grain. I think that pet food producers should really be looking at those recipes that they are putting into their tins, packets, pouches and kibble!!

I have a cat - she was from a rescue centre and after a few months feeding her, as directed on tinned cat food she began to bleed from the rectum. After a visit to the vet I was advised not to give her tinned pet food ever again. Her favourite staple since has been tuna. She is the fussiest animal you could ever wish to meet. She will have a little fresh chicken when I roast one but will only eat it if she sees me put it down - otherwise she will turn her head away as though it is made of rubber! I do give her Iams kibble which is meat high in content but wished they could produce a dried food that was even higher in meat as I always think about tigers and lions tearing at a carcass .. and she does like Felix Good As It Looks - meat and meat selection. She is fourteen years old now and I find that everything that I give her has to be cut up finely or she will simply lick away the juice or jelly and leave the remainder. This at least appears to have kept her well and of reasonable bulk as cats I am reliably informed by the vet tend to lose weight drastically as they get past the age of twelve. She no longer seems to catch mice as she always used to present them to me .. but I do know that she has her ears and eyes on one that seems to be living under the garden shed .. I suppose it is something to do when the weather is nice enough to be outside! Lol!


On another note (I ought to live in a Stationers!), this may be of interest to some - it is 97 studies and notes of a whole variety of animals that are, apparently, affected by gluten and it has been produced by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health:


Not sure, but I think they may be including Humans in the Animals on studies on animals with gluten sensitivity ....


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