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Fructose Intollerance or Malabsorbtion ?

Hope someone can help me please....

I seem to be having fructose problems or that's what I think it may be, I started having GF cornflakes which tasted a bit boring and instead of sugar I poured some Honey on which I thought would be nice and healthy but they don't seem to agree with me.

I also remember reading an article on fructose and KimberleyB mentions DS bread containing apple juice and she can't have it as she is fructose intollerant, their bread rolls have apple fibre and give me intense stamachache.

Just tried GF O's which is a kids cereal but looked ok and they don't agree with me, they contain evaporated cane juice and organic pommegranate juice concentrate.

I am visiting my GP on Monday and if necessary I will change my GF bread as the current one containes sucrose, I used to have Glutafin Select Fresh Bread but am not sure if this would be ok ?

I would be very grateful for any pointers anyone can give me especially when it comes to soft drinks etc.

I'm sure it will take some time to arrange a breath test to confirm and would like to try and make a start as I have been having headaches most days.

Thanks !

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I've given up on all ready made cereals and bread because of the additives, amongst other things. It took a bit of getting used to, but I feel much better for it. I tend to avoid 'free from' food because it contains so many things that disagree with me.

I don't think I know of any soft drinks that would be ok. I've gone back to drinking water or herbal teas.

Sorry I haven't been much help!


Thanks Penel sounds like good advice


Hi Gman, I came across this article the other day and thought that it may be of interest to you and anyone else that may wish to find out further information about fructose malabsorption:


Hi Lynxcat

I've read that one as well so it may be a SIBO it's something I will mention to my GP.



You should also consider sorbitol intolerance. I'm currently bloated and feeling nauseous as I mistakenly had some prune juice that contained it. D'oh.

Read more here:

It often goes hand in hand with fructose intolerance but you may just find sorbitol a hard sugar as it passes thru the small intestine quickly and can cause stomach discomfort.

If you're on Calci-Chew D3 Forte chewable tablets they may be upsetting you. I couldn't tolerate them either with their sugars. Worth checking your cereals etc.

And searching our Tags / directory on:







Have you now confirmed whether you are fructose intolerant? Just noticed your post whilst browsing!

I tend to have genius seeded loaves as they are very nice, however I do not believe they are on prescription. Or at least I can't get it. I do use glutain part-bake rolls for lunch and these seem to be fine, I do get these on prescription and they are alright. On the cereals front I tend to have rice crispies or kellogs cornflakes. Not sure if they are safe for coeliacs as I am wheat/gluten intolerant so not quite as sensitive to gluten.

Some people have been mentioning this FODMAP diet which looks interesting, I don't know anyting about it! I do know I can't seem to tolerate any fruit or veg. I mistakingly thought lettuce would be ok- apparently not!

DS pizza bases seem ok. Using pesto is a really nice alternative to tomato puree. Its also nice on pasta as fructose cuts out most sauces! Again see if you can tolerate it as it does contain herbs but I seem to be fine with it.

For the gravy side of things, I use knorr stock cubes or asda's own which I seem to be fine with and Bouillon powder, which if you use quite a few spoonfuls you can make it thick! I would try them in small quantities at first as I have read that some people have problems with onions and they may contain small quantities of it. I try to avoid onion as a whole but I seem to tolerate small amounts in stock cubes.

For the soft drinks.... I don't really know any! I avoid fizzy things, which I think may just be a personal preference as they always make me feel odd. But I haven't really found anything other than tea, water and hot chocolate. Sorry.

Good luck, if you find anything else out or have a question shout.


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