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GF bread maker recipe

Hi does anyone have a good recipe for gf bread that eill work in a bread maker, the recipes I have all use a high ratio of rice flour, which makes a dense bread with a strong rice taste which I really don't like. I want something more like the asda or warburtons GF bread but to make myself. I have loads of different GF flours and am happy to invest in more of need be. Thank you x

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I've tried lots of different recipes for bread......not for a bread maker though.....but alas every time I've made bread it ended up another brick....ok if you slice it and freeze it straight ok for toast.....

So if you find one that's good let me know plz



Hi Henbur, I make all my own bread in a bread maker and although I say so myself it`s pretty good. However I use prescription flours. Mainly Juvela white and Juvela Fibre mix (50/50). Add heaped tps of dried yeast, level tsps of Xanthan Gum, brown sugar and salt. Add 14 flozs of tap water and two generous Tbps of olive oil.

When the machine starts off I help the mix using a spatula to make sure all the flour is thoroughly mixed together.

When baked I use the same spatula to free the edges of the loaf from the sides of the `oven`. Tap out the loaf and leave to cool.

You can vary the mix by adding seeds/fruit etc at about 1/2 hour into the 3 hour cycle.


I've had good success with the recipe on Doves Farm brown bread flour. It came out fine on a normal bread cycle. It doesn't last well really but I will use half the amount next time. I also had success with Mrs Crimbles bread mix in the machine.


try this one:

350 ml water 30°

35 ml olive oil

175 g bread mix schaer or a mix of any other gf white flour

175 g buckwheat

5 g salt

tsp caraway

10 g yeast

keep the baked bread in the fridge in a paper bag

good luck!!



Try the following if you use Juvela gluten free flour (I use the flour rather than the breadmix);

- 300ml tepid water

- 2tbsp veg oil

- 1tsp salt

- 350g Juvela Gluten Free White mix (assume others will work as well)

- 1tsp sugar

- 2tsp easy blend yeast

Set the breadmaker to basic bread program.

You can add 1tsp Xantham gum and an extra 50ml water, which I find makes the bread much more elastic (and better). Have also tried adding sunflour seeds etc.

Have used on a Panasonic, chepo Hinari and Russel Hobs breadmaker all with success without using the GF program (only one failure - user forgot yeast...).

Good luck...


Hi everyone thanks for the suggestions will give them a try and report back!


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