Burger Buns and Hotdog Rolls

BBQ season is just starting and I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on burger buns and hotdog rolls. I don't normally eat much GF bread and I don't have any preference, as I normally buy from what's available at the time. Had a BBQ last weekend and had some great 100% beef burgers (the big meaty ones) and some genius bread rolls. The rolls were OK, but on the small side considering the burger and didn't really hold together very well. I don't think I've ever seen GF hotdog rolls. Any suggestions?

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  • hello you.. Thats exactly what I'm looking for.. Being vegan also I'm so desperate for a vegan hotdog 🌭 with a decent roll. Glad you posted this. Omg I can taste the whole thing now. Hope someone has some answers & I hope you are well xx

  • Very well thanks Sheri. Hopefully someone has the ultimate bun info. I've had GF burgers from McDonalds in Spain and Sweden and the rolls were brilliant so I know they exist.

  • I hope someone knows where they are hiding

  • Hi Rodeojoe, this is indeed a good question and Udi's available at Tesco's and the like sell Udi's breads, Tesco also sell some really nice own brand baps suitable for burgers,


    Enjoy you gf barbecu,

  • I will. And thanks Jerry

  • I don't have any tips for where to find good ones, but one thing that seems to help with any of the brands is toasting the bread. Then it doesn't fall apart quite as badly.

  • Yep, already toast the bun on the Bbq for a short time.

  • Tesco do a couple of different types of bun found the slightly more expensive ones better. Some sainsburys with instore bakery are doing long rolls-£1.50 for two or how about scharr bagettes two for £3 sainsburys again.

  • The Wheat free bakery do burger buns and also a long roll which they call a sandwich roll. These are excellent and so are their cakes. Well worth the £6 delivery charge. Nearly all their items freeze well, so worth stocking up. wheat-freebakerydirect.co.uk/

  • The best buns I've found are Dr Schar - it's the frozen rolls and are absolutely delicious! Not quite big enough for a large burger but you can either leave them to defrost for a different roll or pop in a hot oven for a few mins for crusty ones. The Dr Schar baguettes are nice but do tend to break up if cut in half - I pop in oven for a few mins (on bbq will be fine) then poke a bbq skewer through the length and shove my hot dogs down the hole!! I use my ketchup as a dip but I'm sure you could squirt some in!! A bit messy but lovely 🤗🤗🤗

    Charlie xx

  • Hi Sharon do a part baked frozen roll, which is ok. Unfortunately no GF bread is great.😥

  • Sorry Schar predictive text

  • Hi just had Tesco (own brand) GF soft rolls. Pack of 4 for £1.75. Very soft and very nice for a sandwich.

  • Schar here in Canada does sell gluten free hot dog buns and also gluten free hamburger buns which are pretty decent.

  • Hotdogs are also yummy dipped in some gluten free cornbread mix and deep fried and dipped in mustard. Have also made onion rings with all purpose gf flour. Just cut and soak them in buttermilk first add a tablespoon of sugar to your gf flour and roll then deep fry. Yummy (make sure there is no xanthan gum in the flour though)

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