Burger Buns and Hotdog Rolls

BBQ season is just starting and I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on burger buns and hotdog rolls. I don't normally eat much GF bread and I don't have any preference, as I normally buy from what's available at the time. Had a BBQ last weekend and had some great 100% beef burgers (the big meaty ones) and some genius bread rolls. The rolls were OK, but on the small side considering the burger and didn't really hold together very well. I don't think I've ever seen GF hotdog rolls. Any suggestions?

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  • hello you.. Thats exactly what I'm looking for.. Being vegan also I'm so desperate for a vegan hotdog 🌭 with a decent roll. Glad you posted this. Omg I can taste the whole thing now. Hope someone has some answers & I hope you are well xx

  • Very well thanks Sheri. Hopefully someone has the ultimate bun info. I've had GF burgers from McDonalds in Spain and Sweden and the rolls were brilliant so I know they exist.

  • I hope someone knows where they are hiding

  • Hi Rodeojoe, this is indeed a good question and Udi's available at Tesco's and the like sell Udi's breads, Tesco also sell some really nice own brand baps suitable for burgers,


    Enjoy you gf barbecu,

  • I will. And thanks Jerry

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