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Am I lacking fibre in diet?

Morning all, my ongoing issues with food! Having been GF for around 3 years now (intolerance nor celiac) and had a few ups and downs. Finding GF bread was not agreeing with Me And think I have issues with yeast I have cut that this as well. Trouble is now suffering from loose stools a lot no blood and colour same as normal but loose and am thinking am I lacking fibre in my diet? Not sure what to try for fibre oats seem to be a problem for a lot of people so was wondering what others use to help with fibre intake. Thanks for your time reading this and any help


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Hi Mike

Loose stools can be caused by a lot of different things, one of the more common ones is a problem with dairy/ lactose. The additives in ready made gf foods can also cause problems. Perhaps try keeping a food diary to see if you can find any particular trigger.

Loose stools may mean that you are not absorbing food, if it carries on or gets worse it would probably be a good idea to talk to your doctor.

When it comes to fibre in your diet, make sure you are eating a wide variety of high fibre vegetables and fruit.


Hi mike ...i am celiac and i found high fruits ( fructose ) gave me loose stool`s so i use a fodmap app on my phone to check ...also could be milk i am lactose free might try nuts and for fibre walnuts almonds peanuts i just put few on my gf cornflakes for breakfest.

all the best jack .


Hey Mike,

Been coeliac for couple of years and now, and similar to you I still have a few issues here and there.

I do find I have more issues than not when I look back and realised my meals probably have lacked a fair bit of fibre.

Being gluten free means we need to focus on this more, as we're not getting it naturally that non-gf eaters will get through breads and cereals.

I get my fibre various ways...

- jacket potato with beans (make sure you eat the skin of the potato)

- snack on mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruits (hazelnuts, almonds, brazil, coconut, sunflower seeds)

- bean rich casseroles/stews (kidney, butter, baked, cannellini, haricot, chickpea's are good here too)

- snack on hummus with veggies to dip

If you think you are really low on fibre, you need to increase it fairly gradually, don't go all in at once, it won't end well. And drink more water as you eat more fibre, otherwise it'll go the other way and you won't be able to 'go' at all...!

Hope that helps Mike, and that you start feeling the difference soon!


Thank for all the feedback some very useful points to look into




Hi Mike, I came to the conclusion it's because there's so much insoluble fibre added to GF bread now, up to 11% - look for psyllium husk. I found Schar/Glutafin bread is much better as they use more (good) soluble fibre instead.

Good luck, David


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