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Can anyone please tell which of these ingredients is gluten containing?

Hi all,wonder whether anyone can help me understand the following ingredients list and which component has gluten in it? It comes from yoghurt coated almonds Neals Yard Wholefoods at holland and barrett. Didn't buy the almonds due to the labelling, but virtually the same as the yoghurt coated raisins I did buy. feeling confused about labelling at the moment?

Yogurt flavoured coating (60%), sugar, vegetable fat, whey powder, skimmed milk, citric acid, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring, roasted almonds (40%), glazing agent (shellac)


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that should be fine. Shellac is made from beetles so gluten free, so basically milk products, sugar, a bit of soya and the almonds. Did it say contained gluten? It may have had a warning that it might contain gluten if it was made in a factory that handles wheat.


Yes gluten was on the allergy list but nothing about a factory handling wheat that was why I was confused. The yoghurt raisins had no warning about gluten and the ingredients were similar. Thinking about it again I was wondering whether it was the flavouring or the roasting of the nuts.


it is so irritating when people don't make things clear. I suppose the flavouring could have gluten in - if tiny amounts used they don't have to list them. Would think Neal's Yard would know better than to be confusing.


You should contact Neal's Yard/ Holland and Barret and ask them to confirm. Under the new EU law companies have to list their ingredients in full or list the allergens. However, we recently came across a food company that didn't do that and got glutened. We contacted them only to find they made the product 'on a line containing wheat' yet didn't bother to mention that on their labelling (where all the ingredients were naturally GF). If you're at all in doubt don't eat / buy an item and contact the company for email clarification. Often companies are still confused about the new law - especially small ones.


could be in the whey powder


Hi Jan, It could be the vegetable oil. It is non-specific about which variety this oil is and the following are thought to prove difficult to some coeliacs: Canola oil, Rapeseed oil, Safflower oil, and Sunflower oil.

The following is a US site which does site those particular oils as a concern for coeliacs so may be that could be the answer:


I'd contact the manufacturer. I think the new labelling laws are messing everything up. I came across some uncle bens rice that had the standard 'may contain gluten' when wheat was on the ingredients list.....and then there are other companies putting it on everything just to cover their backs...apparently a bag of fresh veg!



Just to for me to understand this, if the ingredients named on the package are gluten free, but there is a warning "it may contain gluten/wheat)...then whats going on?

I'm so confused!!!!


It can sometimes mean that on the production line they also have gluten products. Coeliac Uk in their food and drink directory have narrowed down the ones that have good controls in place to ensure the products are safe for us but not all firms want to do that (too much trouble) and some firms seem to just be putting that statement on everything for no reason at all as far as I can see. I now try and avoid any product with that's all going crazy!


Oh gosh, it makes it so hard at the end, because they keep having this label in more and more products everyday!!!!

Thank you for the info though :)


Thank you all for your replies I have emailed holland and barrett for their take on the labelling.

I am relatively new to living gluten-free (march 2012) so came into this when the new labelling laws were in place.

I have been working on the assumption that if I read the ingredients list which contains no gluten/wheat containing ingredients gives no warning about being made in factory with wheatflour then the product should be safe to eat? Or have I got this wrong.

I am particularly confused by the statement 'no gluten containing ingredients' I have seen this on products (particularly chocolates) I can read for myself that the ingredients are ok, so in my simplistic world I thought these things were ok to eat to quote an answer to another question on this site this statement means 'damn all'.

Do I need to have another radar for certain groups of food where I think that although the ingredients list is ok as my husband now says 'it must have gone past a wheat field on the way to the shop' How tedious, your advice would be appreciated.



I get a reaction from stuff that have soy in them and modified starches as well and tent to avoid completely now if i see either of these on the label.

I'm allergic so i know if gluten is present in a product.

flavoured yogurts make me ill cause they tend to have the starches in them and have to avoid so i would say from my own personal experience that i would not buy this product due to the yogurt coating and soy being on the label.

I no longer look at products in holland and barret as everything i picked up just depressed me to much when it said things that i react very quickly on the labels.

Cadburys annoyed me alot just the other day as they have up dated their gf list and added lots of chocolate bars that i react to so they do have gluten in them and more than just a tiny bit,they all say soy on the labels so i worked out as other soya products makes me ill due to the gluten in them that this is the ingredient to blame.

I even sent and email a few months back asking if wispa bars are gluten free and sent back an email saying no they are not but they have now added them to the gf list very annoyed by their lack of understanding.


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