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This evening I have been looking at Cadbury's chocolate labelling in our local Tescos Metro. I noticed that lots of the bars are now labelled as containing wheat (and other stuff) including a regular Cadbury's Dairy Milk. I have eaten CDM before and never seen any labelling of this kind - or maybe I didn't read it properly. I very rarely eat chocolate but really fancied some tonight. I went through many bars and came out with Wispas and Twirls (I left the Flakes behind!). According to the labels both these seem to be clear of any dodgy produce. |Is this new labelling? Does anybody have any advice on whether the labelling is accurate or have had adverse effects from these products. I have already eaten a Twirl! Yum yum! I can't remember when I last ate chocolate like this!

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  • Cadbury recently labelled their products in Australia as may contain wheat. Cadbury use 1 manufacturing site and process gluhten containing product. Remember though that in Australia product marked as gluten free must be less than 5ppm. It is "probably" safe to eat their product but I have chosen not to. I am now eating whitakers chocolate. Yummy to say the least.

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    I remember my dietician saying that a lot of Cadburys chocolate is made in a factory/on a line that processes gluten etc so if you're very sensitive you may have a problem. However, look at their website as they do have a list of their 'safe' chocolate. Unfortunately for me, i can't eat dairy either, so at least that makes the dilemma easier, it's just a straightforward no. Suprisingly, I now like plain chocolate, whereas I hated it before, amazing how you can re train your taste buds when desperate for chocolate!

  • I seem to recall it depends on the size of the bar of Dairy Milk. We have a large bar in the cupboard that says May contain wheat but if you look at the smaller bars you might be lucky. Just goes to show though that you have to stay in the ball as products can be changed any time. I think you were right to leave the Flake behind though. Wispa wins hands down over a Flake any day :-)

  • I found their Giant Chocolate Buttons didn't have a wheat warning on them. They must be made on a production line that doesn't do bars in which some could contain biscuit, malt, etc. Can't imagine a machine that drops blobs of chocolate on a belt to be used for anything but buttons. They must be made in the same factory as the bars though, you would think. We need a free Coeliacs trip around the Cadbury factory to see how they work and to ask questions. That would allow us to make an educated choice. How about it Mr Cadbury?

  • I'd be pleased to join you on that if arranged

  • I've avoided the Cadbury's choc bars for many years due to their 'cereal' warning. As well as being a dark choc fan like Virgolizzy, I have a weakness for white chocolate. I kept checking the bars to see if I could eat them, but then the giant, white buttons came onto the shelves without a gluten warning. I know Nestlé is boycotted by some though. I completely forgot Wispas are GF :-)

  • Thank you all for the advice. I ate the chocolate over 12 hours ago and no reaction so far! Looking good :). I have occasionally eaten dark chocolate like when I am cooking with it I eat a square or two! But it is that lovely Cadbury taste that I love! What a fantastic idea to visit Mr Cadbury's place - an adult Cadbury's World trip? Ian I don't get how the smaller bars would not be processed in the same way as the bigger ones. Come to that I don't understand how Wispas, Flakes and Twirls do not have wheat etc in them either. I wonder if they are processed in the same place? Even more reason for an investigative trip. Brenda I used to love Milky Bars as a kid but I do tend to avoid Nestle products and other white chocolate doesn't seem to reproduce the taste that I loved.

  • I have been eating Cadbury's choc for many years as it is so yummy, but only recently noticed they have now put allergies on the pack, whereas some of their other products are free of them. Thanks for the advice that Wispa and Flake are ok so off to the shop I go !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ive been ok with twirls . Someone said the other day that the big bars are safer as they are nit made in the not gluten free area

  • Hi Virgolizzy, can you tell me whose plain chocolate you buy. I am also gf and lactose free, but find that when I have eaten dark chocolate, I still get an upset stomach. I assume that it must be the added ingredients in the bar. It is the one thing I miss the most, but do not miss the pain It caused, so it is a no brainer at the moment. Thanks

  • Since I've been coeliac (even before diagnosis), I've found that my digestion can be upset by any harsh treatment, even if it's totally gluten free. Red wine does it (although there's a possibility of contamination from the barrel sealant), spices do it (even home grown) and too much dark chocolate or coffee can do it. So it might not have gluten in at all, but that still means you can't eat it!

  • love flakes and twirls,--- I agree a visit to Cadburys factory--- purely as a fact finding mission of course!!!! is very necessary ( I will remember to take a large bag)

  • Beware of cdm bars any size if you have dh and cd as these will set off the dh! I know to my cost try tesco ivory coast and co-op mik. If its not in the cd bible its not bought these days.

  • Aldi's has an own brand chocolate that says it is gluten free, delicious too.

  • Hi, we wrote this article a few months back after speaking with Cadbury perhaps it is a similar situation in the UK?

    I would recommend speaking to Cadbury over there, if there is any chance of cross contamination (which we must assume there is if it is stated on the labelling) I would steer clear. Good luck.

  • I will look into Cadbury a bit more. Thanks for the recommendations for other chocolate. I don't really eat chocolate a lot but I just love the taste of Cadbury. The others don't really do it for me but I may give them a try in the future.

  • Many Thorntons truffles are gluten free yummy, so are hotel chocolat. Assistants in both shops have been very helpful with me, I always get a box of Thorntons given me for Christmas, well apparently dark chocolate is good for us so we should eat it!

    Ps I don't bother with Cadburys since they added wheat on their labelling

  • Hi,

    I've noticed changes in Cadburys more recently - yes i always ate it - so ??

    Regards the Twirl - be careful- I don't know what is in them, but I do know I started to get cramps in my feet in the night, when I had one of these in the day . It was every time. Not had one for months and no cramps - so again ??

  • Lynilou I cannot eat chocolates as many of them contain glucose syrup that is why I eat the chocolate bars with nothing in them. Dark chocolate just doesn't do it for me - but under duress I can usually be persuaded to eat it! Deltauk thank you for the advice I didn't have any problems with the Twirl but will be careful. Although I really do prefer Cadbury's chocolate there have been some others I have tried that have been okay. As a special treat I think I am going to try and make my own mixtures up and add nuts, raisins, cream and other things to melted chocolate!

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