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ive been having diarrhoea every GP suggested blood test to check inflamation.the results were negative.can CD be diagnosed like this?

i suffer from anemia and have problems with thyroid (hypofunction) and i read that if one has those 2 conditions it is more likely CD can develop. im not happy that my GP told me everything is ok with my blood (i still have diarrhoea, nothing has changed), prescribed me iron supplements and i keep taking my hormons for my thyroid (this is 7th year already). my question: if my blood test was negative (no inflamation in my body), can this definitely mean i dont have CD? thank you for your reply! Jana

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Hi Jana, You sound as though you are having a very rough time.

Before you had the blood test for coeliac disease - were you on a gluten free diet? The reason that I ask this, is it is unlikely that you would show any antibodies for coeliac disease unless you had been eating gluten for around eight weeks prior to the blood test. Even though the blood test does winkle out many coeliacs there are those who sometimes take up to fifteen years before a diagnosis has been achieved. There are also other possibilities as around 5% (no-one knows the exact total) of coeliacs do not have any antibodies present. Added to this confusion there are a growing number of people who have the symptoms of coeliac disease but are gluten intolerant - this is believed to be up to 15% of the population.

So, firstly, were you eating foods containing gluten every day for at least six weeks but preferably eight, prior to your blood test?

If not, then it may be best to go back to the doctor and ask to be re-tested.


Hi Lynxcat,

thank you very much for reading and answering my question! yes, ive been eating foods containing gluten every single day before the test, ive never been on gluten free diet actually. the thing is that i started to look for reasons why one can have diarrhoea for such a long time (it has been for several weeks already) and i came across the combination: anemia - hypofuncioning thyroid - coeliac disease.

ive sufferred from anemia for 25 years, ive had an autoimune disorder (Hashimoto disease) for 7 years and now some problems wiht my digestive system.

the test that my GP did was just a general test for finding out if there is any inflamation in my body. he said if it was, it would show in my blood. i havent had any specific test done for antibodies. thats why im asking whether having negative blood test for inflamation would mean i dont have to be worried any more. because CD is casued by inflamation in colon, isnt it? (sorry, im very new to this topic, i am not familiar with it fully...). Id then expect my blood test show it... could you please let me know what you think about this?

I went to see my GP on Friday, he said that diarrhoea might be caused by iron supplements i was taking (Ferrous Sulphate, 200mg) and he prescribed me a milder one (suitable for children). ive been taking it for 2 days and despite it is a different remedy, I still experience diarrhoea :(

anyway, if i still feel uncomfort Ill ask my GP for re-test.




Hi Jana,

Firstly, I would urge you to ask the doctor, and be specific, if he would test you for coeliac disease preferably the antibody test:

- the blood test for this is so very simple and takes usually two weeks for a result to come through.

Have you tried not having the iron tablets just for a day to see whether the condition in your bowels eases a little. I know this isn't desirable if you have anemia so if you have been told it is unwise then perhaps you need to ask the doctor for other alternatives to the tablets that you have had so far.

Sometimes, there may be other problems that can begin when becoming sensitive to gluten. There are some who sadly also find difficulty with digestion of cows milk or sometimes the lactose in the cows milk.

See this post that explains this problem more fully:

As you say that you have had Hashimoto disease for 7 years - there is a blog written by a fellow sufferer where you may find some useful information:

(I hope that I am not overwhelming you Jana)



Hi Lynxcat,

THAKS A LOT for this information and linsk :):) it is a bit overwhelming, but very very useful for me at this stage!!! Im going to check the links later. Ive been just fine for a long time, the problems started few months ago and id like to solve it so that i feel comfortable and balanced again.

i stopped using the iron supplements and replaced them by the milder one (for children). my diarrhoea hasnt stopped... so i dont really think iron supplements are an issue. (or it is not out of my system yet?) and ill stop drinking cow mild and eat cheese... lets see if it gets any better.

ill go and see my GP next week and will ask him for a more specific test for CD! he must definitely know more about anemia, hashimoto disease and possible risk of CD.



Jana - as Lynxcat described, there is a blood test for diagnosing Coeliac Disease; this picks up many instances of CD although it's not infallible. CD is an autoimmune disease and your are correct that people diagnosed with an autoimmune disease often have more than one.

You mention that your GP has carried out a blood test to identify inflammatory markers. Has anything further been done to determine what is causing our diarrhoea? e.g. stool sample, endoscopy, colonoscopy.

How long have you been experiencing the diarrhoea? Does is get worse with certain foods in your diet? What do you do to manage this condition?

What did you agree with your GP going forward?


Hi Irene,

i dont know what is causing my diarrhoea yet. no other tests have been done yet, my stool has not been checked.

ive been experiencing diarrhoea for several weeks (definitelly around 2 months). to manage my condition i used to take imodium but i dont want to take it all the time. then i got a homeopathic remedy for diarrhoea (ive been on it for about 4 days). i also change my diet - i usually eat very simple stuff like rice or pasta with cottage cheese, potato with vegetable, pasta with pesto, soup, fruit and yoghurt, porridge. try to avoid anything that contains too much fat or sugar. i havent noticed that it would make such a difference to be honest. one day is good, the other not so, then i feel fine again for a day or two and then diarrhoea for 3-4 days. tiring... i need to find solution! J.


Did your GP mean CRP/ESR (which is what most doctors mean when they say 'inflammatory markers') or the specific antibody tests for CD?


hm, i cannot really say... he did not tell me anything specific and i didnt ask. but it definitely wasnt test for antibodies. this term has never been mentioned.


Hi Jana

Sorry to hear about this - it's horrible for you. I had (and still have, but am further down the road) the same problem, with general blood and stool tests, all negative. I asked twice about coeliac (it's in the family). On the second time my doctor requested the right blood test and CD was diagnosed, confirmed by biopsies.

I still have diarrhoea (see my other posts), but at least I am nearer to finding the answer.

Go back to your GP.

Good luck!


Hi Moggie,

thats nice to hear you've moved on, went throught the test and the diagnosis was confirmed! pity to hear you are still fighting diarrhoea though :( thats such a nasty think, im very tired of it...all the best! J.


I did not get a clear impression that you had specific test done for Celiac and you had seen a specialist on bowel diseases.

So I have some questions:

1. Is this GP a specialist on Celiac disease? If not, many GP do not order the correct test for CD. Most people are not or misdiagnosed because of this. You did not clearly state what inflamatory markers were tested for their are many but some specific ones for CD and Leaky Gut. Best to request referal to a specialist.

2. Was a test done for the CD Genes? Having one or both of the HLA DQ8 or DQ9 genes indicates you are predisposition to having Celiac Disease now or in the future.

3. An Endoscopy exam checking for damage villi has been and still is part of the Gold Standard in CD diagnosis. Keep in mind of having it done if you can get the Specialist or GP agree to it.

From what you mentioned you have many of the issue for CD or Gluten Intolerance. Ensure you request to see a specialist and have the specific test to rule out CD. If it is not CD then it can be a Leaky Gut or Gluten Intolerance which can be treated by a Gluten Free diet and other medication.

Let us know what results from your following exams and tests?


hi Jogg-itsec,

no, the GP I saw is not a specialist on celiac disease.

im not sure what inflamatory markers were tested :( when i was there i did not have information i collected today on this site (i wish I had and could discuss it with him in more details!)

none of the test you menitoned above has been done... it was just a bacis test for detecting inflamation. the doctor has not mentioned anything about testing CD, leaky gut, genes or endoscopy. for him it was enough to see that there is no inflamation in my body and im supposed to be fine when it comes to my digestion. he said my problems are related to iron supplements. but ive been using the same supplements for years and years, never had this kind of reaction. more often i suffered from constipation when i was on iron supplements.

and this time - i experienced diarrheoa before i was prescribed supplements.... so there must be something else going on.

ill ask for more specific tests and let you know when i get the resalts from them.

best, Jana


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