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How long before you noticed an improvement ?

Hi, i'm a newbie over here and have been a member of Thyroid UK community for a few months.

The major symptoms I have struggled with for many years are severe constipation, brain fog and fatigue, there are many others but these are the main ones. There is plenty of fresh fruit/veg in my diet and I am well hydrated. I have had the CD test which was negative but I understand that I may still be gluten intolerant. At first I thought that this could not be the reason for the constipation but recently my neighbour told me she used to suffer serious constipation and tested positive for CD and got much better after going GF.

I realise that my symptoms could just as well be caused by hypothyroidism for which I just started treatment (WP NDT for TUK members) and haven't noticed any difference yet however it can take months for this to really take effect so I am keeping a close eye on that.

I am so fed up with these symptoms that I have decided to give the GF thing another go after talking with my neighbour. She said it took her a full month of complete GF whereas I only avoided wheat products for a few weeks after my CD test during which time I saw no improvement in symptoms.

My questions to the community are; (i) Did you test negative for CD and still try going GF ? If so, why ? (ii) How long did you go GF before seeing an improvement ?

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Hi are you saying you didn't eat gluten for two weeks before being tested as you are supposed to continue eating gluten?


Sorry Henbur, don't know where I got the 2 weeks from (brain fog !), I ate extra wheat & gluten foods for 6 weeks before the blood test if I recall. Does that sound about right ?


Sorry your post says "I only avoided wheat products for two weeks prior" but if you ate them for six weeks and the test was negative you either don't present on the blood test and need a biopsy or you're ncgi


I've edited the post now Henbur, hopefully it will make sense.


As someone who doesn't fit your criteria, but as a coeliac, I understand the answer to the bowel problem (either constipation or diarrhoea) is that inflammation of the digestive tract causes a spastic colon where it doesn't work correctly, although there are other inflammatory bowel disorders which do.

I'm not sure your constipation will improve on a gluten free diet as it contains very little fibre, that's why it's important to be diagnosed properly. Hypothyroidism does seem to cause constipation as a symptom, so it may be you need to give the medication chance to work. Good luck.

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Thanks Jacks, that's pretty much what I figured. I hope that is the case because it's much more straightforward to resolve.


I suffered for 3 years and add itching to it as well. Many doctors and specialist with no relief. Went to dietian and did poo test to find it is candida. Gave up sugar and yeast and has made an amazing difference. Check out Eric Bakker on youtube, a natapath from New Zealand


Jenniod - I too gave up 'added sugar' about 4 months ago, I really crave the stuff, but it made no difference to my health/wellbeing at all though I am going to stay off it because it is just unhealthy. I do however have a little fruit every day so don't know if that is causing problems. While i'm going GF, I don't think i'm getting any yeast either.


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