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Know that Rheumatoid Arthiritis can be linked to CD, but anyone know of a link to gout?

I understand the science behind and causes of gout (too much uric acid in the blood which crystallises out in joints), but reading that others suffer Rheumatoid Arthiritis I wondered if gout (as another form of Arthiritis with a food link) also occurs in coeliacs?

I suffer from gout in addition to CD and milk allergy which makes eating tricky as many foods which are good for milk/CD can trigger gout (protein rich foods, such as meat, fish, peas, etc).

It's a bit of a nightmare, I tell ya!

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hi i suffer with psoriatic arthritis, i havent been told that there is a link but am guessing there is as PA is an auto-immune disease, i seem to be lucky i think,

as only suffer from PA and am coeliac but that is enough for me dont want anything else!!! Gout thats what they said I had before PA. A milk allergy as well as CD, A nightmare for sure!!


Hi meanioni, I saw one of my friends who has gout last night and he told me that there's a link with gout and diabeties. And I wondered if this is why you drink low cal cola's? So it looks like there could be a link with gout and CD, it could be well worth googling.

I have other issues as well as CD but as long as it's all under control it doesn't bother me. To me you can not put a price on health and well being and good health is something that money can not buy.



Hi Jerry

I, fortunately don't have diabetes but drink low-cal drinks as one of the preventative measures for gout is adequate hydration. I avoid sugary drinks which is why I went for low-cal. Course I should really drink water...

Diabetes would be a bete noire for me. With coeliac, milk allergy and gout, my diet is incredibly restrictive. Obviously avoiding gluten is limiting, no milk, cream, butter, cheese more tricky, then add no shellfish, limits on meat, fish, eggs, beans and other proteins... very tricky. I don't even want to think what adding Diabetic diet to this would do.


You're missing the point, which's is the link between diabeties and coeliac and the link between gout and diabeties. A common link and there seems to be a connection if you google gout and coeliac.

I do sympathise about your food restrictions I have many myself as well as gluten. And I was only trying to help.


Absolutely Jerry - no I did get your point and started Googling away!

Your help was greatly appreciated, didn't mean it to sound otherwise. I was really just sharing my fear of what diabetes would do to my already challenging diet.


This is something that I showed my friend as he did not know that tea and coffee and even decaffeinated coffee can help prevent gout:


I'd be careful with too much caffeine as caffeine strips the calcium from our bones and exacerbates osteoporosis, so I found it interesting that even decaf helps prevent gout.


I'd hate to have diabeties as well so agree with you on that one.


Hello Meanioni, I wonder can you eat cherries/drink cherry juice, etc? There is something called anthocyanin which is found in cherries which dissolves the crystals formed by uric acid.

Cherries are available in so many things that if you are able to eat them/drink them then you could incorporate them into your diet on a daily basis. Hope that this helps.


Thanks Lynxcat, funnily enough I have heard this before and believe there is some credence to it. The problem I have is that my gout is so severe that dietary changes and eating cherries were not sufficient, I still kept getting gout attacks and now am on Allopurinol, which reduces the Uric Acid chemically.


I wonder if you have heard of The Food Hospital? Also, whether you have been watching the series? They have tackled the problems associated with Coeliac Disease and also with Gout ... if you haven't managed to see it so far here is the link to the subjects they have covered so far page: foodhospital.channel4.com/c...

Hopefully, you should be able to see the programmes once you have clicked onto the links. It may be a little help to you.


Apologies Meanioni, Here is the actual link to view the programmes page:


Click on the pictures of the subjects you wish to see!


Thanks I'll check it out.

Saw a dietician recently and she agreed that my diet was complex and all things considered that I was doing a reasonable job of coping with it. Which was great news - you always wonder if you are doing the right thing.


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