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Any one else struggling with sticking to a gluten free diet???

I suffer with extreme chronic depression and diabetes but to name just a few medical conditions I have. I am fully admitting that I have absolutely no will power in anything and am under sessions to try and alter my behavior as this also effects my dealing with my diabetes.

I was diagnosed in 1987 at the age of 18 months so I can't blame you for thinking 'surely it should come naturally' . I'm sure it would have done in 'normal circumstances', but due to family and social situations whilst growing up to everyone and myself my diabetes took a side step in life and now I struggle every to change my leopard spots. So....when I was diagnosed with CD (in 2009 when 5 months pregnant and I stuck to a GF diet till after I gave birth) I took it on the chin in front of everyone else but felt like my world had collapsed.

I am obviously aware that neither diabetes or CD is the worst thing in the world but for me it has been a long hard battle. If not for anything else as part of my depression I comfort eat and haven't found a solution to that yet and what do I find comfort in the most? Of course breads, crisps blah blah blah basically everything that contains gluten. Another reason I am really struggling is financially I have found so many amazing products on the market, mostly available online, but when we are struggling to food on the table for my son, my husband and I, it's just not an option to spend out on expensive foods that would make me sticking to a GF diet totally possible. I have tried making my own things which have been ok but not great and yes I get my bread and pasta etc on prescription although my orders are small and last me a long time.

Every site I have been on I have been treated like the devil for saying 'I still eat gluten' yes through choice, but that choice is based on not be able to resist temptation, dealing with CD as part of my depression and by not being able to afford things. Iv'e read through this post and I can see that I still cant put into words how difficult I find this. I hope there is advice or even some comfort in knowing some one else has felt this way and has now overcome their difficulties. Sorry for going on and on but I am now fully vented :)

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Gluten is a strange thing. It is extremely addictive like heroin. There is no solution to the longing of bread, cakes, biscuits etc because they hold a drug like power over you and anyone who needs to quit eating gluten really needs to appreciate this. There is nothing anyone can do other than go 'cold turkey' they really must make sure that they are not having any gluten .... not even the allowed 20ppm if they want to escape the addiction and stop having the longings.

See this article written on ..

The problem that you are probably having is that gluten hides itself in many guises and once you have had one of these you get the urge and longing for more.

If you are having prescription bread - then it might be best if you opt for one that does not contain any Codex wheat starch or added malt or maltodextrin or dextrose. If you can empty your body from all gluten then you will not have any cravings for foods with it in.

I have avoided all gluten since accidentally having some at Christmas when we had a 'gluten free' Christmas cake purchased online .. a very rash thing to have done and I paid for the tiny slice all night long and for several days later. I would never buy gluten free ready made cakes, etc online again. Even if something says Gluten Free or Free From .. you will find that you still need to check the ingredients and if it contains suspicous items then do not buy it - keep safe and most of all keep well!



I think you are where I was at a few months back.

Eating gluten didn't appear to be making me ill so I was eating it, quite often in private, I would sneak biscuits upstairs when I went for a shower or travel to different places and eat McDonald's.

Even when I had a blood test showing I had severe anaemia I still kept eating gluten.

I've been gluten free for about a month and I think I'm just resolved's weird.

I still crave all the foods I miss, my diet is really very boring and I tend to drink more wine now if I'm honest but I've found that I really enjoy a gluten free roast dinner so we have that couple times a week tonight for example my hubby had pasta I had crackers so yes boring.

I totally understand what you are saying my brother has had coeliac disease for over 20 years and he can be a bit holier than thou about eating gluten but to be fair to him he did drop to 6 stone and we had been told he was running out of time but then they found the CD and he bounced right back.

I hope you can get thru this depression is a bitch too I had been very depressed and tired but tbh since being gluten free I feel so much better I'm even off my meds.

I totally get what you're saying about the cost too, my husband is self employed and sometimes we really struggle to feed all of us then it's a case of me and the hubby living on mash and beans so the kids can eat!

Big hugs to you xxx


Hello - this is the best place to come for a good old whinge! We all understand where you are. I have been a coeliac all my life but have only recently been diagnosed and am now being tested for diabetes as my sugar levels are borderline. It is very difficult to stick to a gf diet as I found there is gf in 99% of foods I ate before and I have had to have a total rethink of my diet. I am lucky I am working in a busy office and don't get time to nibble but do fall off the wagon occasionally and then really suffer as I also have DH. A couple of gf chips brought out the latest batch of DH blisters - not a pretty sight!!

You have a lot of friends here so keep coming on and let us know how you are doing - it will get easier! Big hugs to you and keep smiling! xxx


I think if we are all honest we all have times that we find not eating gluten difficult. I think it is important that you still get a treat though but maybe it's not food. For me it's a massage from my wonderful husband or a glass of red wine with hot home made crisps


Well first of all I feel sorry for as it's you who is suffering. And what I would do is give the diet a go rather than perpetuating your own suffering. As once you start to feel better you will have the motivation. And the longer you abstain from gluten the more profound it's effect will be on your body and I for one am made really ill by even low levels of gluten.

It is human nature to want what we can not have and most coeliac share common feelings/anxieties, like why me and it's not fair and isolation at feeling the odd one out.

And the way I see your situation is that you have taken the first step and asked fellow sufferers for our help and advice and my advice is give the diet a go and don't be afraid to ask questions on here about how other coeliac cope with being a coeliac. And now you have to overcome the first step of embracing your dietary needs as it is scary as it's not like having flu or a broken leg this is it it's for life but it's your life and you are worth making the effort for.

I'm lucky because I can make anything that I like and I make my own bread etc so I don't miss gluten in foods or crave it. But I do fear being made ill when eating out and I feel really annoyed sometimes when wheaties say to me ''it's all right for you, you're lucky'' This is irrational as I think that I'm lucky but when someone who can eat what they like says it, I take it as patronising and dismissive. So it doesn't matter how well we deal with our diet it brings out powerful emotions in all of us.

Lastly good luck and remember the hardest thing is taking the first step.



Sorry I sent that too soon. Depression is really hard to deal with and even more so when finances are tight so you just have to try your best, however the more gluten you eat the more your autoimmune system struggles and the more your body will have a problem. But remember you are human we all have bad days when gluten is tempting so try developing your favourite gf diabetic meal or treat to get you through. Definetly cheaper if you can make it from scratch. I find it best to just leave out all the free from stuff all together and eat stuff that is naturally gf as it is so much cheaper and when I don't eat anything that looks like a gluten product I find I crave it less.


First of all well done at identifying your problems and having the strength of mind to come on here and ask for help. It is so hard to do that sometimes. It is always far easier to stay in denial and continue to eat the very thing you need to stop eating. This applies to the diabetes as well as the CD of course, in fact it applies to most people who can eat gluten as well. You will get lots of support and understanding on here.

I find the gluten free diet is only expensive if I buy replacement manufactured food. Instead of buying free from foods or gluten free biscuits etc I try to eat mostly things that are naturally gluten free. I make my own gluten free biscuits and cake now and again but only as a now and again treat, not every week. I make some bread gluten free then freeze it in slices in the freezer. Even the free from foods have some ingredients I can't eat like corn or maltodextrin, both of them make me react badly. So making my own is easier and cheaper. I think you can get Dove's farm flour on prescription and I love it. Free from foods are also very high in calories!

I eat mostly chicken and other meats, fish , fruit and veggies. I buy them when the market is closing and buy the multi packs and freeze meat etc in portions. I also buy anything gluten free that is being sold in the bargain section of the supermarket because its close to sell by date. I either eat it that day or put it in the freezer if you can freeze it.

One last tip......if you can't resist temptation then stop putting it within reach! Buy fruit and nuts or celery to snack on, even carrot sticks and safe dips. Don't stock your cupboards and fridge with goodies you should not be eating! If you have some in now...give them to your children/partner/guests but get rid of them as soon as you can. Hugs and best wishes! Let us know how you get on!


hell would freeze over before i would eat gluten on purpose.............i feel so very ill when i do...that i have no hassle at all being gf...i do miss being able to have a beer.....but i manage very nicely on wine and the odd g&t...... mindyou i don't know how good i would be if i didn't get ill................difficult one that......:(



You have my sympathies... it is not easy, but it is possible. I found it overwhelming at first. It became easier when I began to focus on what I could eat, rather than what I couldn't. I keep it simple by focusing on chicken, fish, veggies, rice and potatoes. The pantry was completely emptied of all gluten items - it's now totally gluten free. We all eat the same meals - no gluten, that really cuts down on expenses. Best wishes for success!


trying to focus on what you can do/eat is better for you, but not so easy! I have a bad heart and went through a huge bout of depression because of what I can no longer do, my gp "shook me by the shoulders" (metaphorically speaking) and told me to list all the things I could do, however it truly is not easy :( ---Liana speaks a lot of sense, hopefully you will adapt and stop thinking about the stuff you cannot eat. ( I have 5 children so it is impossible to clear my cupboards of gluten containing stuff and making them gf is too expensive)


I suffer from anxiety, depression and chronic IBS/celiac (I say celiac as I'm certain gluten is the issue but still having tests after 4 years)

I really struggle keeping to my low FODMAP diet which includes gluten and lactose! Also due to not being able to financially warrant spending the extra cash on expensive foods. Me like most people use their food buget to make the most savings by buying cheaper brands etc. this allows them to live a normal debt free life! People like me however who get sogned off work on SSP SOMEHOW have to find the money to pay for rent, bills, prescriptions and then food! £87.00 per week is not enough for anyone to survive let alone on a stringent diet of overpriced free from products! I'm on the verge of severe financial hardship as I cannot afford to pay everything on the money I was paid so now have spiralling debts and a worsening condition I cannot afford the meds I've been prescribed for. Life sucks with intolerances and the NHS is useless at doing anything to help


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