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Goodbye, Farewell and Good Luck!


As you have probably noticed, I have been a bit silent since the confirmation of my misdiagnosis. I have been trying out with eating a few things since and I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer contribute effectively to this fantastic website. I have no medical reason not to eat gluten and when I thought I had CD, one thing that peed me off more then anything was those who chose to go GF as a fad diet, which has led to a lot of real coeliacs not being taken very seriously, and I don't want to add to that. Yes, it is true that I did feel a lot better overall when I didn't eat gluten, but I don't want to complain about any lack of gf foods on menus when I go out - I don't have that right as, medically, gluten isn't harmful to me.

I wish you all good health and happiness. I will be deleting my account over the weekend, but didn't want to do so without saying goodbye. I hope some of you found my earlier posts both amusing and informative. :)

Miss C

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Thanks Miss C and glad you are on the mend. Did they ever give you an alternative diagnosis (curious no doubt you'll not be the only person who is hard to diagnose and it may help others in the group). Don't worry we're very happy to have friends of coeliacs on board here (especially if you spy any gf friendly restaurants on your travels aside from Nandos/ Leon/ Zizzi et al!). We won't even begin the debate on gluten sensitivity and how some people feel better off gluten (as it can inflame the body esp if you have other auto-immune conditions which is why so many Thyroid, Endometriosis and RA doctors recommend GF diets).

Wishing you good health and happiness to ; )

PS check if deleting you account will delete your old posts. If you you may want to leave the account as is and just disable our alerts so you don't receive them.


Fiona and Miss C,

A note to say that deleting your account doesn't delete your old posts. It just stops you being contactable (obviously) if people had any thoughts on your posts; your username is no longer a hyperlink to your profile.

Miss C - we're sorry to lose a member but very glad that you don't have the serious condition you were diagnosed with at one stage. I wish you good (health) luck for the future.

Kind regards,



Farewell Miss C

Glad to see you are not one of us and wish you well into the future. My wife is not coeliac but states she feels so much better from not having gluten in her diet.

As stated good luck on your future travels.


Well good luck and I am pleased for you. At least you will have empathy with coeliac when you come across us and you enjoy your self.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the replies. Fiona, they haven't given me a firm diagnosis but they have me on beta blockers for the heart, hydroxychloroquine for lupus (bloods were negative but skin was positive), cimetidine to counteract the bad effects of the hydroxychloroquine and iron supplements as they found that my iron levels were ridiculously low (usual is around 150, mine was 23) and nothing in my body was working properly. SOOOO, still none the wiser but the mobile pharmacy I carry around with me is finally working.

On a side note, I did find loads of GF stuff in El Corte Ingles in Madrid last week. I will post a picture of one particular item over the weekend, before I delete. Although, I am reconsidering deleting, as I can always post pics of finds from when I travel. Hmmmm, decisions.


Hello MissC!

"Yes, it is true that I did feel a lot better overall when I didn't eat gluten, but I don't want to complain about any lack of gf foods on menus when I go out - I don't have that right as, medically, gluten isn't harmful to me."

Just some thoughts:

If you feel better eating GF, you have every right to ask for gluten free food. You don't need to be medically certified to eat gluten free – there is more to gluten than CD and more to wheat than gluten. For example science is just starting to learn about Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA). Just because other people (or you) think it is "a fad" doesn't change the fact that you feel better. And take everything you hear with a grain of salt, physicians are pretty certain of themselves, yet they had quite obviously problems diagnosing your problems. If you want to know how much they know, just ask them what causes Lupus. Or MS. Or cancer. Or... And don't get me started on the doctors that don't believe in CD, or have never heard of it. Just because a doctor (or the medical science in general) don't know about something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Find out what's best for you and do it! Don't let other people tell you to do otherwise!

Best wishes


PS.: One more thought: Try going Paleo/Primal for a month or so (maybe the book by Mark Sisson, or the website "perfect health diet") and see if it helps you. Especially the iron should improve on a primal diet.


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