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My gluten free diet is doing nothing

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I spent the New Years vomiting and with a fever and i have been feeling terrible for awhile even though I've been on a very strict gluten free diet for awhile now ..

i'm very carful about cross contamination and i'm starting to think that my doctors are missing something beacuse non of my symptoms are getting better ..

i still have a ridiculous brain fog , dizziness, random numbness, nausea , migraine , depression, etc ..

I would really appreciate some help beacuse i'm so sick of doctors .

Thank u

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Have they tested your vitamin B12 and folate levels.

Your symptoms are all similar to the neurological damage and subsequent psychological issues of a B12 deficiency.

Are you vegan?

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valita08 in reply to pvanderaa

They tested me for B12 but i still didn't get the result

No i'm not vegan but i don't eat meat that often and lactose intolerant too

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pvanderaa in reply to valita08

You may want to post on the B12 deficiency/ pernicious anemia forum to get more information

And there's a possibility that i have MS so that's that

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pvanderaa in reply to valita08

B12D is sometimes misdiagnosed as MS

Hi there,

This is sad and I had similar troubles when first diagnosed with foods that were within codex and many coeliac have issues with codex wheat, malt and oats and some have issues with artificial sweeteners like maltodextrin.

I wish you well with this and you can't beat naturally GF foods prepared at home if you've the time.


If no other explanation can be found, check on your exposure to electromagnetic radiation such as that from cell phones and WiFi, which gives similar symptoms. This is a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). It affects about three percent of the population and possibly many more since they do not associate their condition with electromagnetic exposure and doctors have not been trained to recognise it.

Like gluten, electromagnetic radiation opens the tight junction barriers in your gut and also those in your brain (the blood brain barrier) which allows toxic materials from the blood to enter the brain and may eventually contribute to brain cancer, which is now on the increase, especially in the young.

The radiation can also affect the sense organs so that they send false signals to the brain. When this happens in the inner ear (which is needed for our sense of balance and acceleration) it gives rise to symptoms of motion sickness including dizziness and nausea as the brain tries to reconcile the conflicting signals coming from the ear and our other senses.

If this is the case with you, stop using cell phones and cordless phones, switch off your WiFi (use Ethernet connections instead) and avoid public areas that advertise that they offer free WiFi as an inducement to clients.

Like being sensitive to gluten,, there is no cure; you just have to avoid the radiation. This is good advice, even if you are not sensitive to gluten. since the radiation also affects the endocrine system, including the thyroid and adrenal glands, the most common symptoms of which are fatigue and obesity. Just look around you and see how many of your friends are suffering from this and dieting makes virtually no difference.

The Strict Gluten Free diet? Are you aware that “ gluten Free” means it may contain up to 20ppm of Gluten, as Jerry points out coeliacs can still suffer from these low amounts of gluten. Spending your time vomiting is nature’s way of riding your body of what it does not want and many of your other symptoms coincide with that. Try a Free from gluten diet by ruling out ‘maltodextrins, glucose syrups, dextrose and see if that helps. You can be diagnosed as a Coeliac but you cannot get diagnosed regarding your sensitivity and sensitive coeliacs are not catered for even by CoeliacUK.

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BabsyWabsy in reply to pretender

Although not diagnosed as Coeliac, I am sensitive to wheat and all wheat derivatives such as those listed above, including Codex wheat starch. These ingredients are not always listed as being wheat derivatives. It requires very careful scrutiny of labels on manufactured foods, but they are not in bold like the 'known' allergens, so it does take some homework to know what you are looking for, and concentration when shopping. Anything suspect, I don't purchase. I cook from fresh as much as I can so I know what is in stuff. Good luck with finding your triggers.

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pretender in reply to BabsyWabsy

Be careful with alcohols and medications, some medications do contain wheat but by other names,

How were you diagnosed? by blood test or biopsy? You should have seen improvements within 3 months and been all clear after 1 to 2 years

I totally agree with all the other comments about B12 etc and watching out for low level gluten. I was similar to you for a long period. I had to avoid all hidden gluten eg glucose syrup, caramel colouring E150, oats which my body identifies as full-on gluten and various vinegars, particularly malt vinegar (which coeliac UK were declaring OK to eat at the time!) In the end, I realised that dairy and eggs were causing a lot of problems but after a while of abstinence, I was able to slowly reintroduce it and can now eat all dairy products and eggs. One thing that made a massive difference to me in the really bad stage, when I was awake every night with all manner of discomfort, was practising Buteyko breathing. I found out that many people who are hypersensitive to foods etc (I am a diagnosed coeliac) can develop chronic, low-level hyperventilation which has masses of symptoms. Have a look at this:

I wasn't aware that my breathing wasn't 'normal', ie I wasn't going around gulping air or anything. But when I focused on correct diaphragmatic breathing with longer out breaths than in breaths, my symptoms began to recede rapidly and I am now only affected by full-on gluten and oats. This then seemed to allow my body to heal and my hair to become thicker etc due to better absorption of nutrients.

Rather a wordy answer, but wishing you the best of luck

Hi - the fact that you mentioned a fever says bug of some sort to me rather than gluten. I agree with the comments about checking b12 - gut damage associated with gluten issues can mean malabsorption and hence serious deficiencies in many nutrients, and your other symptoms are certainly suggestive of this. I see it is about 3 months you have been gluten free? It can take a lot longer than that to heal enough to start absorbing nutrients properly.

Please look into a diet such as gaps (gut and psychology syndrome) I had leaky gut and being gf wasn't enough. I healed my gut in 6 months with the diet and then followed the remineralisation protocol on .everything got better

Have you had your thyroid tested? Just a thought.x

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