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Does anyone react to vinegar?

I've just eaten some cockles in vinegar and because I've heard conflicting advice about how safe vinegars are, I decided to rinse them thoroughly in fresh running water. Ha! What a numbty I am!

As soon as I'd finished eating them I KNEW. The coeliac uk food & drink directory list them as GF so I went ahead but ARE THEY??

My tummy is really swollen now and I know this will just be the tip of the iceberg..... :-(

Is anyone else sensitive to vinegar?

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It depends whether it contained any malt vinegar which is definetly not gluten free.


I react very badly to malt vinegar but not to cider vinegar or wine vinegar. Never had a problem with balsamic vinegar either. Could it be something else in them you have reacted to as well?


As Mia said, malt vinegar is not GF - comes from barley.

Balsamic vinegar tends to be OK, as is spirit vinegar.

Most wine/cider vinegars are OK, but some wines are filtered using milk/gluten and I'm not sure if there is a risk of contamination.

Most pickles are usually in malt vinegar.


I am so sorry you are poorly.

Would echo the other correspondents...malt vinegar is a no-no.

Balsamic is usually made from apples. Was in the hills about an hour south of Bologna on the train..then a good 30 minutes up a windy hairpin mountain the rural Italy..where the apples are grown...and the Chestnut festival at the end of Sept...had glorious chestnuts like I have never eaten before...and the raw apple juice, rich red as so aromatic...served hot, the basic juice for should be fine with that...and the red/white whine vinegars too...

The non-brewed condiment...should also be fine with that.

Just take it steady for the next few days...and drink a lot of water...



Thanks for all your comments. I'm feeling better today, thank goodness.

Now I know; vinegar is on my banned list!


Apparently malt vinegar comes within the 20ppm that is an acceptable level for a coeliac to have. It appears that some coeliacs can't manage that level of barley gluten and others can. It's a bit like the supermarket own label cereals that some can cope with and others can't. Wine/rice/cider and balsamic vinegars are all absolutely GF. You can also buy some pickles that are done in wine or cider vinegar. I took this info from the coeliacUk site.


i use white wine or cider vinegar as i have had no reaction to them.


I would suggest that malt vinegar is a big no no. I cannot comprehend the 20ppm level apart from it was distilled. I have avoided malt vinegar like the plague since diagnosis.


I have issues with some distilled vinegars. Best to contact the Company for any product you would like to try and find out what their distilled vinegar is derived from. The ones derived from corn, beets or sugar cane are ok for me. Balsamic, white wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar all seem to be ok for me as well.

I haven't tried any malt vinegars but intend to stay away from them based on recommendations. Rice vinegar should be just fine also.

I wouldn't rule out all vinegar it will limit so many products.

Good Luck!


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