Does this happen to you?

Having had a gluten free pizza which contained Dextrose and glucose syrup which was followed by gluten free macaroni which contained maltodextrin in soya milk, 24 hours ago I have been to the loo six times so far but what my partner has notice is my perpetration smells like bleach when ever I am glutened, does anyone else have this happen to them?

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  • Could it be cc

  • CC?

  • I have found Pamela's gluten free pancake and baking mix to be the best. I make the banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and other recipes she has online for cakes and other mildly sweet treats. I use Bob's Red Mill gluten free pizza crust mix, Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour and Bob's gluten free oatmeal. Pamela's also makes gluten free graham crackers and ginger cookies. The more you search for recipes and brands, the more you will find. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks but nothing to do with my question.

  • Hi pretender just out of interest what brand pizza was it? Home frozen one or pizza parlour. It dors sound like you have been glutenased doesnt it, but surely if its gluten free it should not do that, however cross contamination?

  • It was an ASDA pepperoni gluten free pizza. From the free from range, the soya milk was also from ASDA contains maltodextrin, that’s three ingredients derived from wheat but also classed as gluten free however the soya milk does not have to declare gluten free. Yes I was glutened.

  • Wow i have tried the asda one, just wonder if it was cross contamination possibly, only had that one once and didnt like it much-bit greasy tasting. I dont eat soya ever and check everything to make sure i avoid it-poor you feeling like that, im relativley new to this but is maltodextrin is used in gf foods, i am going to look into this.x☺

  • Just looked up maltodextrin and as long as it states on ingredients that it is derived from corn ir maize/tapioca then that is ok but not wheat. X

  • Maltodextrin, glucose syrup and dextrose are all derived from wheat ( as per efsa) but any product labelled as gluten free must be less than 20ppm of the finished product....there is no accounting for coeliacs consuming more than one gluten free product.

  • Thankyou for correcting me pretende, i still have lots to learn and looking at your bio i would say you are the expert, i guess at the end of the day you cant beat fresh food.x😊

  • Be careful of what you believe and take into account that the USA is mainly corn/maize and Europe is wheat. No everyone can tolerate even the lowest amounts of gluten so finding your level of sensitivity is a personal think so do not accept what you might be told by healthcare professionals or Cuk

  • Thankyou so much, i did not realise that, i am going to check all my gf food later, got to admit i did google it after you told me and it was a usa site, i think it would be best to avoid it if possible, i found a great cake i love from marks and spencers gf and wheat free range and i hope i can still have it.xx

  • Good luck.

  • Yes I have had a reaction to ready made gf pizza can't remember the make of it but do remember the results! Make my own now and no problems

  • I had a reaction to the goodfellas gluten free pizza, made me vomit, stomach pains. I react very badly to a lot of bread products and had been bad enough to put me in hospital. I'm very under weight and do not need to be vomiting for hours and off my feet for 2 days because of reactions. Fresh bake genius was safe for me, no preservatives..... So what do they do, they stop it on prescription. I cannot and will not eat other breads from supermarkets because it's full of preservatives and stabilisers and not sure which is responsible for making me so ill!!! It's a pain. I'm home at my so can cook for lunch....God only knows what I will have for lunch at work. So many bread recipes and so many different combinations of flour. Had not much success making my own and waste so much ingredients and my budget already stretched.

  • Hi Pretender,

    I usually buy the Asda GF pizza as you have. I've gone off the pepperoni and tend to get the plain one and cut up mushrooms and load it.

    I've only been glutened once and lost 3 days in brain fog but no diarrhoea.

    I tend to get VERY constipated and VERY windy when I eat processed gf food and I'm currently (after the xmas mince pies, etc.), trying to get my system back on track.

    I've also noticed that in the recent past, my urine did have a unusual smell to it but I never associated it with my coeliac, just thought someone had dribbled on the mat or something.

    Perhaps you are onto something.

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