Does anyone know Dermatitis herpetiformis?

Hi, i have Hashimotos thyroiditis which was diagnosed in Feb. I read the link between antibodies and food intolerances so came off gluten and dairy. I had a coeliac test at the same time as my thyroid test but it came back negative but thought i had nothing to lose so went GF anyway. My doc can't figure out the rash on my legs though saying it could be thyroid antibodies showing up but after some help on the thyroid forum someone pointed Dermatitis herpetiformis out to me which makes sense as the rash is symmetrical on both sides of my inner leg. I've had it for 6 months now but it seems not as angry as it was. Any ideas if it could be DH?

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  • If you are completely gluten free then DH will go away. Mine appears within hours of eating gluten and takes roughly a couple of GF months to go away.

  • I've been GF for 3 months now and the rash is improving all the - touch wood it goes completely but whether DH is my problem i'm still unsure. Don't want to have to go back to gluten for the sake of testing as i'll never eat it again anyway!

  • I have DH and, although I know we are all different, my flares are blisters on my elbows, knees, bottom, in my mouth and a lot of pus filled spots on my scalp, my skin actually looks like it has been burned as the blisters are very big (2 inches across at times, fluid filled but the skin over the top is very thin { almost as light as clingfilm -plastic food wrap-}.. my mouth tingles within half an hour of eating and my skin starts to itch within an hour.

    I am not a doctor but everything I read about DH points to yours not being DH. and you say you do not want to go back to eating gluten any way-- however it would be nice for you to have a reason for a rash .....but may just be a rash! It happens! :)

  • I have DH and have been wheat free for a few years now, so I know my DH is not necessarily food related. I have an underactive thyroid which could cause my DH, only on further research after my flare up this weekend. I have regular flare ups and new patches appear on my legs. It is very frustrating I almost get the patches cleared up and scar free and then it comes back bigger and worse than before. I find it very frustrating as when I go to the dr they just give me stronger cream which works for a bit. I have no idea why I have these flare ups, would be nice to have an answer, don't suppose that will ever happen.

  • Janey39 you say wheat free rather than gluten free. Maybe you are not eliminating ALL gluten from your diet to enable the DH to go away. GLuten is also found in Barley, Rye and otas which have been processed in mills that also process wheat.

  • Janey39, where did you get the information that an underactive thyroid can cause DH?All I can find is that it can cause eczema and very dry skin. I think that your problem is possibly not having a completely gluten free and uncontaminated diet.

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