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Vitamin D deficiency

There have been several articles in the last few days mentioning the concerns of increasing numbers of people especially children that are feared will present with vitamin D deficiency in the coming months. People get the majority of their vitamin D through sunlight which converts the cholesterol found in the skin into vitamin D. We also get small amounts of vitamin D from our food but the body requires fat in the food to process this vitamin because it is a fat soluble vitamin and can only break down in fatty meals, along with vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K.

As coeliacs vitamin D deficiency is something we all need to guard against.

Here is a short article from Patient Co UK to explain sources of vitamin D and the problems that may arise when we are not getting enough:

I take cod liver oil capsules to try and help to keep my vitamin A and D levels up. I must also confess I am still able to enjoy cows milk in all its forms!

Check out the vitamin form - called 'List of Vitamins' scroll to approximately half way down the page to show which foods offer which vitamins and which diseases occur when there are shortages.

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Ive been given adal D from GP because of low caluim and vit d, also on iron tabs.blood result for coeclic postive,my biopsy came back clear .GI consultant said gluten intorlance but going to retest in Oct but now gluten free as he has said to avoid all gluten. Feeling much more alert and no stomach pains


There is a fairly good article mainly based on finding if a child has problems with gluten but I think it is worth every person who may be allergic to gluten, have gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, wheat intolerance or in fact be a coeliac. Really any person that has difficulties dealing with gluten has to conclude that it is best if they do not eat it and find as much information they can about it and which foods and drinks they are likely to find it.

Here is the article - if you find it useful perhaps you may like to blog it for others to read:


Hi i have been diagnosed with Vit D deficiency twice now in 1 year, i also have Coeliac Disease & an underactive Thyroid Gland need to get abroad.


If possible it might be useful to look at the NHS guidelines on how to build up your Vitamin D naturally. I know that sunlight on naked skin is always going to be the best option but when we just relied upon sunlight in this country many children developed rickets and it was recognised that additional food items were required: cod liver oil liquid and free full fat milk in schools. Full fat milk contains more vitamins than the skimmed and semi-skimmed milk of today. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin - it requires fat for the body to absorb it from food - so all of the things that we have been told to cut back on, cut out or change from our diet over the last few years have probably done us no favours in our intake of Vitamin D. The foods of years ago were much better for Vitamin D absorbtion - butter, cheese, cream, full fat milk, full fat yoghurt ...

Getting abroad sounds quite a nice option .. certainly away from all the rain we are getting at present! Lol!


Have very low Vit D, thyroid problems, Coeliac and am not good. Hay ho...could be worse. Enough pills to make me rattle...

Sorry, but to me..they are all connected....

Am off overseas romorrow..for my health...thats my excuse and I will stick to it...


I hope that you have a lovely holiday - enjoy the sunshine and send some back for us all!!!! :)



Lack of Vitamin D:

Posted by Lynxcat VOLUNTEER

I thought I would share this piece in the paper with everyone. It shows that you needn't have gluten issues to have serious problems when there is a shortage of vitamin intake:

*A spot of gardening or a short walk with bare arms and legs is obviously recommended for us all!



jackieO 2 hours ago

the thing about lack of Vit D in the UK population has been in and out of ht emedia over the last few years at levels where not many people are taking notice of it. Much of the UK is at the same northern latitude as ALaska but really takes to heart the protect yourself from the sun message aimed primarily at those living in California, Florida, Australia an dother parts of the world where the amount of damaging UV rays IS a huge issue.

We only need 10-15 minutes exposure a day fron April to September to keep our levels of Vit D in the normal range all year . Unfortunatley our indoo, computer orientatied lifelstyles these days mean increasing numbers of people are not even gettin ghtis amount.

RICKETS is a real and ongoing problem in the UK once agin and it is not just affecting people with darler skin colours as was the case 15 years ago.

I see vit D deficiency and its related problems as a daily part of my working life.


Open apologies here to both Fiona and to the Forum with creating several threads about Vitamin D.

And for those of us who are not going abroad, let us hope that we have a few nice dry days to top ourselves up and perhaps think about getting a hobby where we spend some time outdoors to help to protect ourselves and our bones and teeth.


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