Anyone else's toe nails look different since going GF?

Sorry for the potentially sensitive issue of toes but I had to ask the question.

When I was cutting my toe nails the other day I noticed that there was a distinct line across the nail about 2/3 of the way down towards the end. The newly grown nail is much lighter in colour and perhaps more evenly coloured than the final 1/3.

I wondered if anyone else had noticed a similar change?

I'm sure it take 6 to 12 months for a nail to grow right out so this would tie in nicely with my starting GF in October last year.

Not earth shattering news I know, and not on the same intellectual as some of the more informed posters, but it's the best I could come up with.

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  • my nails are much tougher, and my sister has had (finally, in her 50s) to give up biting her nails as she can't chew through them anymore!

  • Haha, that is so funny you should post this!

    I said pretty much the same thing to my husband earlier today! He said I just had minging toe nails!

    Now that I think about it, I became GF 10 months ago and probably noticed this about 7 months ago.

    Maybe we could all post pictures of our toe nails and compare them!!! ;o)

  • Photos??? Are you sure - I'm not a big fan of feet in general so photos of toes may be classed as offensive by the site monitors ! I think I'll keep mine under wraps for now and save the squirms.

  • TOTALLY with you on this one Ian! ;-)

  • lol, was joking!

    At least I have the option of coving mine with nail polish . . or maybe you do too?!!

    Not keen on feet either! Gadz min! :o)

  • They may be Beau's lines

    Going gf helped my nails, but I think that going back to full fat stopped them cracking and flaking.

  • Ah that explains things my finger nails have lines on them too full fat you say I will use that when ever I finish off anything dairy my son wants ha ha.

  • if you don't eat enough fat in your diet you can't absorb the fat-soluble vitamins well, and if you don't have enough vitamin D you don't absorb the calcium well - too little calicum is a common problem for coeliacs. Enjoy your dollop of mayonnaise / scoop of need it.

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