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My asthma has disappeared after going GF


I just wondered if anyone else on the board had had a similar experience and had any idea why it might have happened. I've had asthma my whole life but only recently found out that I am gluten intolerant. I've been following a completely GF diet for around six months and have been able to come off my normal asthma medication in the middle of winter with no problems. I am frankly quite astounded and wondered if others had experienced anything like this?

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I didn't have asthma but chronic respiratory problems- they cleared up completely. It's a great compensation for the extra dietary care you have to take. I reckon whole immune system totally hyped up by the constant gluten war it just charges around like a rampaging mob reacting to everything else too.

Hi MeTeeCee,

Wow, what a great outcome from a change of diet! My answer to your question is that it is because you are now eating a diet that is more accustomed to your digestive system. This system has evolved over the millennia to process seeds, nuts, roots and occasionally a chunk of meat or a little honey. It can't evolve quickly enough to accept the rubbish we have been encouraged to pop into our mouths by 20th and 21st century marketeers!

Although I can not relate a simlar experience I do think our modern diet, particularly the last 50 years, has causal links to all sorts of ailments. We know too much food leads to obestisy and then diabetes 2 and the NHS are now trying to save money long term by offering more gastric bands. I hope it won't be long before some bright spark does the research that will push the NHS into linking our modern crappy diets to a lot more of our modern illnesses. Then maybe we'll see a lot less fast food joints on our high streets!

I hope you enjoy your asthma free life!

Thank you for your replies Lois and Silver. I agree that the NHS should start prescribing crap free diets for people instead of doling out pills! This diet has been such a revelation for me, especially since I used to think I ate rather healthily before I cut out gluten. In winter I used to have so many breathing problems when I went from different temperatures like outside to inside and vice versa. But now, it's no problem. I can hardly believe it and keep expecting the symptoms to return.

That is brilliant!

Yes, I wouldn't say I am asthma free. But I developed asthma symptoms (and other symptoms) as my other digestive issues were getting worse. My kids and I were also all on daily steroids. My daughter had other severe issues, went gluten free, got better, within a year she was off steroids, she does need albuterol during worst times of respiratory colds about 2-3 times a year. She was previously on adult high dose of Advair as a three year and was always coughing, we had been to the Emergency Room on a handful of occasions when we couldn't control the asthma even with the high dosage of steroids and fast acting inhalers.

I never had asthma and symptoms got worse to the point where I was taking my kids asthma medicine before I went to the Dr. For 2 more years it got worse until my father was diagnosed Celiac and since my daughter was recently diagnosed (pushed by my wife) as gluten intolerant at the time it made me think I could be affected also because I was just so unhealthy for being active and in shape in my mid 30's . When my father was diagnosed, I rethought everything, so I just went gluten free since my house was stocked for my daughter. My myriad of symptoms were gone or severely reduced within one week. I also now only need albuterol during worst of respiratory colds. Maybe 2-3 days.

My experience is that those that claim gluten intolerance causes inflammation of any or all body tissues are correct for at least me and my daughter and that is all I care about. The science will come around eventually to determine what exactly I have or had.

Designated the name. Thank you for your reply. What an excellent outcome after a bit of self diagnosis. What you said about inflammation sounded interesting. After all if gluten can provoke inflammation and irritation of the digestive system, why not other areas of the body the respiratory system. If my lungs were already inflamed and irritated because of gluten in my diet, it would make sense that any other stressors like cold weather or colds would be harder for them to cope with. I imagine I'll still need salbutamol inhalers when I get a cold. I'll have to wait and see.

Fantastic news. I know my 'arthritis' disappeared once I went gluten free.

So many problems associated with gluten, and yet it's still so under diagnosed.

Some allergies manifest as lung or bronchial issues. Some of my relatives have had this issue. When they went gluten free, the symptoms disappeared.

Penel and Pvanderaa, thank you for your replies. There's a lot of allergies, asthma and arthritis in my family of origin, so it does make me wonder if gluten intolerance is involved. I hate to pin so much evil on just one thing but it's hard not to come to this conclusion, along with the fact that the majority of gluten intolerance goes undiagnosed presently. I have a lot of problems with my hip joints and ankles. Here's hoping that this will improve too over time.

I have a wheat allergy which was verified after years of thinking it was CD. I have had asthma since I was 2 and it is much better since being wheat free. Twice I have almost had asthma attacks after inadvertently eating tiny amounts of wheat. These were avoided by chewing antihistamines to get it in my system quickly. So I suggest an allergy test.


Thank you for your reply RoseRed. I hadn't considered a wheat allergy but I will try and follow this up.

Prior to my CD diagnosis I had 3 month of what I thought was a serious chest infection. Took two courses of antibiotics, second stronger than the first. During antibiotics it appeared to be clearing up, but came back as soon as they were finished. Cleared up within days of starting a GF diet. However, as a result of eating supermarket GF foods and prescription GF bread (I believe) my arthritis was getting worse and I developed a severe frozen shoulder. After giving up supermarket GF foods, prescription GF bread, processed sugars and complex carbs (SCD Diet), my asthma has virtually disappeared completely, the frozen shoulder has gone and my arthritis has gone. I am a firm believer that much of what appears on a supermarket shelf in in fact full of inflammatory ingredients. I feel so much healthier now I follow a much more Paleo diet.

MeTeeCee in reply to erdfreak

I agree. Whenever I go shopping to the supermarket, I'm astounded at the huge number of highly processed foods that are so freely available and that so many people take for granted as part of their daily food intake. It's no wonder so many people have poor health. I'm very lucky that I have the time to make all of my own meals and don't have to rely on ready meals of any description and I definitely agree that just sticking to naturally gluten free food is the path to health. Since going gluten free, I'm the healthiest I've ever been. My younger sister has recently been inspired to follow my lead and has since found that her own asthma problems have also much reduced.

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