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Does anyone have sleep problems since being diagnosed?

I was wondering if anyone out there had any problems with their sleep since being diagnosed? I have sleep problems for 5 years but only diagnosed this year. Was interested if any other fellow coeliacs had the same problem. I am lucky on a good night to sleep for 5 hours! I have been left with neurological problems which I do believe is gluten ataxia. Many thanks

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I had never associated sleep problems with being coeliac, but it seems there could be a link


hi i was diagnosed 16months ago i never have had a full 7hrs sleep keep but dont think its because of that but you never now good luck


Waking in the night can be a symptom of Diabetes and of Hypoglycemia, both of which can affect coeliacs too.


I cut out gluten due to tummy troubles (even my doctor thought it was coeliac disease til the blood tests said otherwise) BUT it was my sleeping patterns that changed most.

I actually wake up in the mornings and I'm the kind of person that could easily sleep all day, my Mum says that even as a child I would be awake all night and asleep all day!

My tummy isn't totally fixed but my sleeping patterns have changed so much that I won't eat gluten again. When I get tired I usually realise that I've slipped into staying up too late in the evenings cos I still wake up easily in the mornings. I'm so sure there are links.


Hi Buddyboy!

Why do you think you may have Gluten Ataxia?


See your Dr and ask for your Vit D to be checked. It can cause insomnia when levels are low. I too had v similar problems and once my levels were boosted this subsided. Also bear in mind many coeliacs suffer adrenal overload. So going to bed before 10pm and avoiding salty foods and all stimulants can help rebalance the body.


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