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Hello. I am new on this site.

I read a post I think from sassy. She seems to have "hit the nail on the head". My energy drops instantly. I need to put my head down and let it get through me. It lasts only about 2 minutes then very slowly my energy comes back. Maybe another 3 or 4 minutes. After this I feel good and ready to do anything I want. These episodes come a few times during the day mostly before noon. They do not happen when I am walking. I have had this issue for the past 7 years. I asked my Cardiologist and he told me he did not know the cause but did not think it was heart related. I have also asked 2 other Drs. and they had no idea what causes this. One other thing. This problem used to go away for months. Then come again for 2 to 3 weeks and gone again. Now it will not go away.

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You mention a cardiologist - are you on any heart medication ? - or any other meds that could be working against each other ......


Hi Cougar

I wonder if this could be related to what you are eating? Or are you on a diet and not getting enough food?

If you’re eating sugary foods you can get a “crash” later on. It is also possible to get a drop in blood glucose levels after eating ordinary foods, which can leave you feeling tired.


Sounds like they are micro sleeps where the body just needs to rest.


It sounds as though you are having hypoglycemic attacks from eating sugar-rich foods or foods such as white rice that are easily digested to form sugars.

They make the pancreas release more insulin that then makes your liver and muscles absorb more sugar. If this overshoots your blood glucose plummets and starves your brain of glucose and you feel faint until it puts itself right.

As a quick fix, try taking a couple of glucose (aka dextrose) tablets when you get an attack. But it is best to avoid sugary foods and eat foods with a low glycemic index (a measure of their ability to be converted to sugars) instead.

Surprisingly, fructose (aka fruit sugar) despite being three times sweeter than regular sugar (sucrose) has a low glycemic index. If you don't want to resort too artificial sweeteners, try using honey (which is rich in fructose) to sweeten your food. As a bonus, it tastes nicer than sucrose too.


Power naps are good. Let them happen. Exercise suppresses sleep body chemicals. Side effects of prescriptions can list sleep.


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