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Schar Bread - suitable for super-sensitive to gluten?

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For the super-sensitives with no tolerance to any ppms of gluten - do you eat Schar gluten free bread? Their loaves look nice, but never sure how safe they are.

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I'm OK with Schar breads, I don't think I'm super sensitive, fortunately.

I am finding that I switch from 1 bread to another, and I think it's because none of it is very nice. Schar does seem to have a bit more 'body' to it ie., it doesn't break apart/crumble so much, and I'm guessing that is because of the millet, which may be an issue for you.

It's a struggle to get the tiny slices out of the toaster too.

PS Tesco is 80p cheaper than Waitrose

Thank you. It does look a to be a bit more substantial so that's good advice. The loaf I was lookng at was in Tesco and it was unsliced. It had a good weight to it as well, so as you say, looked like it would hold it's own. I gave up putting gf bread in the toaster - too many occasions of picking the bits and bobs out. I'm might chance it for a change.

Ooh, I haven't seen any schar unsliced........I'll look out for it now. I can't eat any GF bread unless I toast it, and slather it in butter before making a sandwich, which is annoying because even if you don't use much, the butter goes straight through the bread and all over your fingers. That didn't happen before GF.

It's hopeless untoasted.

Can I recommend Lakeland’s wooden toaster tongs? Come with a little magnet attached so you can stick them somewhere handy, and are also very useful for fishing hot toaster bags out without burning my fingers, too!

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TaraJR in reply to Singinglouder

Yes those tongs are brilliant!!


I use toast pockets and this is easy to remove.

I have tried several breads and only like schar Brown bread it is much nicer than the white.

Thank you. Good recommendation.

Schar use codex in a few of their products (e.g. pain au Chocolat) so I think in your case, I'd be cautious of possible cross contamination from codex, as they wouldn't think to mention that possibility.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Cooper27

Oh, that's not good. Hadn't realised any mainstream breads used wheat starch. I shall proceed with caution then. Thank you.

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Cooper27 in reply to Benjamin123

Avoid juvela, they do.

Schar bread doesn't, but their pain au chocolate does (possibly other products, I don't know), so that's where the cross-contamination risk comes from.

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BabsyWabsy in reply to Cooper27

Juvela is the 'medical' arm of Schar, and they do use Codex wheat starch in most products. I avoid both Schar and Juvela because I am allergic to modern wheat.

Think Schär is Glutafin - they always used to share a stall at food fairs.

You are correct, my mistake. But the common thread is that all three brands use 'gluten free' wheat starch.

that's good to know. So maybe enough of the wheat starch wafting around to make it a bit of a contamination issue.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Cooper27

Out of interest, do you opt for any commercial bread products, assuming your are 0ppm end of scale.

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Cooper27 in reply to Benjamin123

Honestly wouldn't be the best person to recommend - my partner is able to tolerate around 20ppm, he's alright with most commercial breads except Juvela (who use Codex).

I'm not tested for CD (cut it out to help partner, before realising I had issues too) but my tolerance is definitely higher than his, so I won't pass any comment on anything but texture.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Cooper27

No worries. Thank you. That makes sense.

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nellie237 in reply to Cooper27

Yes, I forgot that. I haven't tried the pain au chocolate for that reason.

I've done a check and seems to be 3 products that contain the wheat starch, one of the other ones is their waffles. All the breads and bread rolls are non-wheat starch.

I’m super sensitive and can’t tolerate Schar products so I’d advise caution. I gave up trying to find any commercial bread that I could eat or that tasted acceptable and now just make my own and keep the rolls in the freezer until needed.

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Benjamin123 in reply to MTCee

Thank you. That's good advice from the super-sensitive end of the scale. Just never ceases to surprise that we have all the GF bread products that a lot of people with coeliac can't eat! Bonkers.

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MTCee in reply to Benjamin123

Indeed! I think they’re only there mostly to appeal to people who are uncertain what foods they can eat after first being diagnosed or for people who are not very confident about doing much of their own baking. They should stock good gf cook books alongside these products maybe 😄 I’ve also always wondered why supermarkets don’t stock artisan gf loaves in their freezer section. They’d sell a lot more that way and the bread could be of a better quality.

I've been ok with the Schar white sliced loaf whereas anything else I've tried seems to cause a reaction - supermarket sent an own brand one recently which I really enjoyed but then had upset stomach. A downside is the teeny-tiny size of the loaf versus the massive cost.

It toasts well, tasting almost like actual toast. It always used to taste a bit dry and stale when eaten in a sandwich but recently that's improved. They do a "Deli-style Sourdough" too which is also nice and also toasts well.

Having said all this my stomach has become very bloated over the last year or so and I still have some stomach issues, so maybe the Schar is responsible. I've cut out almost all other pre-made GF food.

I've also tried their wholemeal sliced loaves which are ok. I also used to get their panini rolls but yuck. For a while I had their white frozen rolls which are nice when freshly oven heated but horrible cold.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Frodo

Thank you. It is worrying that we have to even worry that the GF bread might be making or keeping us ill. That's a good review on their range, so thank you. They do biscuits and other smaller sweet bites, but I don't think I would risk those.

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Frodo in reply to Benjamin123

I've had their biscuits too - ok but terribly sweet.

The best one is the digestive - very similar to a 'real' digestive. The supermarket I use doesn't stock them though. They also do custard creams! Ok, very sweet and a bit crumbly but if you're really missing 'normal' food they fill that slot.

I often see other brand GF biscuits that look good, but they tend to be made with oats and I have a problem with oats as well (even GF). Although I may try again with them at some point as they're so nutritious and useful.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Frodo

There does seem to be a prevailing notion that the lack of gluten needs to be made up with extra sugar. Mrs Crimbles set my teeth on edge and give me the sugar shakes. Genius chocolate chip muffins are only thing I've found that has the balance right.

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Frodo in reply to Benjamin123

🤣 Good review of Mrs Crimbles. Also gave me stomach ache. Genius is vile. I bought some brioche burger buns and when I opened the packet they smelt like petrol so I had to bin them.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Frodo

That doesn't sound healthy!!

Hi Benjamin123.I use to occasionally eat schaer branded gluten free bread, taste and texture toasted one of the best for gluten free. I like schaer generally as a brand but unfortunately because a lot of their products (especially breads) contain soya flour, and the codex wheat starch popping up in more items - a no no, personally. (wheat, soya, gluten sensitive.)

It’s funny, must be the weather, but was craving a nice warm slice of toast slathered in proper butter recently! 🤤

I dream about toast Researchfan! When we were kids my mum use to buy big unsliced batch loaf, cut thick, toast in oven and slather with butter. The best thing ever with a cup of tea, or for dipping as soldiers. Now can't have gluten or dairy!!! We will always have our memories, if nothing else, I just always feel sorry for children diagnosed with coeliac at a young age who have to live a lifetime of below-par bread options. That's not good if you are having to avoid soy also and that is prevalent in bread products. Grains generally just seem to be bad news across the board for so many.

I hear you! Sounded lovely. I use to love egg and soldiers as a kid too! 🤤

Without sounding like a sketch from monty python ☺️ I avoid egg yolks - allergic to runny as adult 🤢 can tolerate well cooked in a cake occasionally.

It’s really tough avoiding dairy too. I was dairy free for about 4 months to try and resolve issues after the gluten challenge to test for coeliac earlier this year. Got IgG antibodies to milk (suspect allergic as a kid, use to throw up could NEVER drink milk).

Just recently slowly reintroducing it with butter and cream occasionally (not every day but so far so good.) there’s little allergenic protein in butter and cream. I lost too much weight with elimination diet and need to gain it back.

Yes definitely feel sorry for young children diagnosed with coeliac disease. There’s a chance with wheat allergy that it will resolve by age 12. I wonder in years to come whether scientists will figure a way to prevent the coeliac gene switching on. Like research is ongoing to try and figure how to prevent type 1 diabetes. There’s multi factors involved but maybe one day.

The health of the gut and healthy bacteria seems to be where the researchers are looking. How long ago did Hippocrates refer to all health starts in the gut? Healthy gut healthy immune system.

It just shows maybe the modern food/environment is setting of all these autoimmune conditions.

It’s funny, but bought a genius loaf the other week because was craving warm toast - will do a post.

Gut health really is everything. I've watched a slightly whacky doctor on YouTube claiming that coeliac is caused by a virus screwing up the immune system if you have the relevant gene, and can be cured with a four step programme that involves finding another virus that is the original viruses evil cousin (to take it down) and using marijuana! The video was few years old, but now more mainstream thinking that it coeliac may be viral triggered. I think it's an illness tha just needs so much more research and fingers-crossed can be resolved a some point.

I too dream of toast and butter. Or a bacon sarnie.

Hi, I can tolerate the Schar white ciabatta loaves and I'm supersensitve to most gf products. The millet in the brown ones upsets my stomach.I seem to remember there's a 'select' version of some of the Schar products which makes them OK for supersensitve gf people.

That's good to know, thank you. Is 'select' the actual brand?

It's a while since I did all the research, but I seem to remember some of the Schar products had a better ppm of gluten than others and were classified differently. If you contact them, they may be able to help. Good luck. 😊

Good idea. Thank you.

When I was dx last year I was looking online at the supermarkets and reviews, and somebody had posted that Schar (sliced) makes very good fried bread. It does, I've fried it twice......just to check😉

Isn’t Schar the brand that uses codex wheat starch? It’s a long while now since I was diagnosed coeliac, and one of the brands contained codex wheat starch as I recall, and I didn’t go near it, as it’s not just gluten that causes me problems it’s all wheat, even with the gluten taken out. I also have a problem with soya.

They still use in some of their products, but no the bread. Bizarre thing to use to be fair, and not sure why they still hang in there using it.

It probably has to state the “May contain” though, if it’s produced in the same factory. There’s a lot of companies using soya, and don’t seem to recognise that a lot of people can’t eat it.

This is an option if you are OK with the ingredients (I am coeliac, highly sensitive to gluten, wheat, barley, rye). Have given up on buying gf bread and make my own. I invested in a 2 paddle breadmaker suitable for making gf bread. It has taken me a while to get the hang of it - have to follow the weight of ingredients carefully:

I follow an adapted vegan version of Doves Farm recipe on gf bread flour pack, so I replace eggs with chick pea flour & water.

I add 100g gf quinoa flour to replace 100g of the Doves Farm gf white flour; 1 or 2 tsp extra xanthan gum and 1 tsp gf baking powder (to be included in the flour weight total) 1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 2tbsp water/aquafaba; 1tbsp pumpkin seeds; ; 3tbs chick pea water (aquafaba from tin) to replace 3tbs of the oil.This makes a tasty large loaf that I keep wrapped in 2 strong, reusable airtight bags in the fridge. It easily lasts me a week (I only have 2 slices a day) so I only have to make a loaf at the weekend.

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Benjamin123 in reply to Collie

That looks like a good recipe. I'm a terrible baker, but have started to look into breadmakers, so maybe that is the safest option. Thank you for this recipe.

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