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Breakfast ideas?

i'm terrible when it comes to breakfast, i find it so hard to get a good amount of carbohydrates in a gluten free breakfast and i always find myself eating the same things! i've tried a few gluten free cereals from supermarkets but i haven't liked any. i'm also looking to put on a bit of weight so i need to find myself some good breakfast ideas! any ideas?

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Great question, I also struggle with this and am normally hungry again at 11am! So let's see what we can all suggest...

So far I've tried:

a banana (not very filling)

or that + GF cereal

A boiled egg & on GF bread or Corn thins (not filling)

Natural Bio Yogurt & Fruit (not filling & no carbs I'm afraid)

I've yet to muster up the idea of Quinoa as breaki although I'm told it's nice - yet that's packed with protein not carbs

Sardines, mackeral, jarlsburg cheese (very Norweigan!)

At the weekend I like to do bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans (again no real carbs)

What do others do? We're meant to dine like kings at breakfast to set the day. So what do others try? Have you discovered any high carb filling breakfast that is naturally gluten free or shop bought?

I've also struggled with this and not being a morning person tend to just eat the same old thing at breakfast as I don't want to think to hard in the mornings.


Try adding potatoes to your breakfast. If I want starchy carbs, I make hash browns, home fries or potato cakes. Sliced cooked potatoes can also be added to frittatas or omlettes. Try making a potato hash with left over cooked potatoes, bacon, corned beef, or fried ham and onions, sweet peppers or grilled asparagus and top it with fried eggs. Rossti and eggs are also a real treat. If you are not sensitive to oats and can get certified gluten free oats, porridge is wonderful. I also make carrot and raisin muffins for breakfasts, They are a huge hit at our house. They freeze well. GF muffins can be purchased in most stores selling GF products like bagels to be toasted and eaten with cream cheese (add smoked salmon for a protien) My usual breakfast is lactose free yoghurt, fresh fruit and hard cheese or eggs and veggies - tomatoes and or asparagus with cheese. Both are very quick and easy. More elaborate breakfasts are for special mornings with family and friends.


My new favourite filling breakfast is quinoa porridge (you can see my recipe here:

Or french toast on the weekend (

Hope this helps!


Love quinoa as a breakfast porridge, like oats. Yum.


I make my own muesli - I know!!! Seems all a bit "that 70s show". I used to toast nuts (almonds, pistachio etc) and shredded coconut in honey, cinnamon and a wee bit of water, then add dried fruit (cranberries, goji berries, lovely big dates, green and yellow sultanas etc) quinoa (puffed and flakes) and puffed amaranth. Now I just buy all the nuts I like and throw them together with the rest. It's so easy and all good stuff. Toasting nuts takes the goodness and I'm sugar free so no honey or dried fruit anymore. I have this with any fruit (hmmm two pieces a day now) I can find, currently oranges and raspberries and then yoghurt with all the good stuff. It fills me up.

Pre-diagnosis I bought a breakfast muffin from a cafe on a road trip. It was AMAZING! It had bacon and a whole egg in the middle, they would be fab to fill you up. I might have a crack at making them and post a recipe, although I don't imagine it will be that hard to figure out.

The muesli is worth the 5 minutes it takes to throw it all together!


My daughter (a very fussy eater) likes Andean muesli, we buy it online. She finds most of the coeliac cereals to be either too bland (the rice ones) or too strong in taste (quinoa, etc.), or just a bit of a soggy mess! But this is a nice mixture - she actually dilutes it a bit with a plain rice cereal. She likes buckwheat flakes too.


I had the same problem and started eating porridge (pure oats). I should get my blood checked,I know, but havent got around to it yet.5% of us can't eat oats.


You can make your own granola also, using GF oats, flaked quinoa or flaked flax too. mix it with some honey or a bit of syrup that you like, a bit of powdered whey or milk (low fat) nuts or seeds that are toasted, coconut, bit of coconut oil, mix it together till semi adhesive and toast in a low temp oven. It's pretty basic. :)

You can make oatmeal using a non dairy milk with water to make it, with your fave dried fruit in it, and portion it out to reheat in the microwave. (I do this an take my breakie to work)

premake scrambled eggs with good cheese, some veggies in it, portion out to put in a wrap or even toasted bread for breakfast sandwiches.

Plan out your week, premake a lot of your foods on your weekends, then you're ready to go. :)


I like poached eggs on toast with grilled tomatoes, and if you want to put on weight, have fried potatoes with it.

I also like pancakes for breakfast and have them with sliced banana's, dried fruit and honey. All you have to do is mix an egg with some milk and flour and leave it in the fridge over night and then stir it before putting a small amount of batter in a pan when the oil is very hot.

If you really want to pile on the pounds and like a hearty breakfast then you want to make a breakfast casserole. It's an American Christmas breakfast. I'd call it heart attack food but you asked for heavy duty calories.

I make a simple one in the winter sometimes and just mix an egg with milk add diced bacon sliced tomatoes and put thin slices of potato on the top. But I only use one egg with plenty of milk and its enough for 2 days and the next day I just microwave it.The smell in the house when it is baking wakes up your taste buds.

I saw a tv program where these nomads roamed the desert and they would make a fire and then make flat bread (like pancakes) by mixing millet flour with water and cooking them over the open fire. It really inspired me and It makes cooking pancakes in my kitchen seem easy peasy.


crikey!! thank you, some very good ideas for me to try out there! and what with it being coeliac awareness week i might have to make some for the whole family to try or something!


I usually have cornflakes and put chopped dried apricots pumpkin and suunflower seeds in. Sometimes i put strawberries and blueberries in . Its quite filling. Then i have an orange . Then a couple of mugs of black tea to finish off.

I dont want to put weight on . I could do with losing a few pounds but find it hard.


Great Coeliac_Copper let us know what works best for the best carb breakfast for you.


I'm not sure if you are the same, but I do find my blood sugar levels take a dive on occasions - manifested as a sudden drop in energy levels. I'm not diabetic - have been tested but spent time talking to a dietician who said the consuming carbs for brekky can cause peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels.

The basic theory is that if you have carbs for brekky, all of a sudden your body gets hit with a spike in sugar levels. To compensate it pumps out insulin. Sometimes it overdoes it and you end up with low blood sugars. People then tend to have sugary/carby foods and the cycle repeats.

She recommended having protein (eggs, fish, meat) for brekky to avoid this cycling of blood sugars.

Well - gives me a good reason to eat my gf bacon sandwich :-)


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