Gluten Free Barbecue?

anyone got any gluten free barbecue ideas? does your supermarket do gluten free burgers or sausages? i know my local butcher's does specialty gluten free sausages!

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  • All of M&S sausages are gluten free. Other supermarkets also do them and sell Rankins - these come in pork or pork+herb. There are quite a few to choose from. Also Waitrose do their own, marked gluten free. They also have some chipolatas which are also gf. Hope that helps.

  • I do either Black Farmer's GF sausages or chipolatas (most supermarkets stock them) or Co-op GF sausages, 100% beef burgers (in most supermarkets - Birdseye ones are NOT ok!) marinated chicken breasts and pork kebabs (the skewer kind, not the kind people eat after clubbing)

    With that, I do salad, various cheeses, and either baked potatoes (in the embers) new potatoes or home made potato salad. I love barbecue season!

  • The Waitrose Falafels are also GF and nice with BBQs and salads. Plus if you can experiment with Quinoa that's packed with protein which is great. I think M&S does the best GF meats esp burgers/ meatballs etc. All the other supermarkets seem to add breadcrumbs to them. Yet for beer with the BBQ I prefer Estrella GF (Waitrose ,Asda stock that). Ask your butcher what filling he uses for his sausages my local one was very vague when I asked him and that made me pretty suspicious! Yet you can find good local ones that are on the ball and ensure they are GF. If you also griddle some Halloumi Cheese/ sliced courgette/ tomatoes that's nice esp with GF hummous and Balsamic vinegar.

  • Yum, am hungry reading that!

  • Waitrose also does GF buffalo burgers. Sounds a little strange but have a beautiful flavour, and the added advantage of being higher in minerals and Essential Fatty Acids than beef.

  • Wow what we need is a virtual BBQ then! I must try those buffalo burgers. I've tried kangaroo and shark once yet never buffalo...!

  • Our butcher said he would make gluten free sausage as long as I bought a large quantity.

    Worth thinking about - What replaces the bread as a filler; extra lumps of fat and gristle or something healthy?

  • Well you could give them your own GF bread crumbs - we know of a new loaf that constantly fell to bits that we saved up as frozen breadcrumbs...!

    Or often rice is used. You would probably need to ask / check ref cross contamination if they use the same machines without cleaning for the normal sausages etc.

  • I would have thought barbecues are easy GF meals ... sausages as above. Also, Debbie and Andrews do delicious GF sausages. Make your own burgers - far more delicious without all those fillers. Beware bottle sauces ... check the ingredients or make your own sauces, marinades and dressings. Bring on summer!

  • Most supermarkets do GF sausages - you just have to keep checking the ingredients until you find them. Takes so long to shop these days checking the labels especially as the writing is so small

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