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Naturally gluten free meal ideas?

I'm finding that I'm intolerant to a lot of the gluten free substitutes but I can't identify which ingredients are doing this. I need some good naturally gluten free meal ideas, any suggestions?

Thanks :)

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Anything with rice,

Also look at the casien protein which is in all dairy products. It is very similar to gluten.


There are several gluten free recipe sites and cookery books. It depends on the kind of things you like to eat.

Traditional meals like roast meat, veg and potatoes are ok, you just have to sort out a gf gravy or avoid having any. Indian meals can also be ok, rice is fine as pvandera has said, but avoid the bread and go easy on the spice.

Coeliac UK have some recipes. If you are having problems, it's probably best to avoid things like xanthan gum in cooking.


pink lentils with coconut milk, eggs, shrimps : mix with vegetables and cook it into a delicious loaf you can enjoy cold or warm :-)


will require you to cook from basic ingredients much more now. always make gravy like a jus - so just baste the pan with white wine and cook away the alcohol.

rice and chicken stir-fry

rice pasta Bolognese (no cheese)

steak with roast potatoes

lamb mince with cumin patties with tomato salad and rice

tofu with aubergine, ginger and courgette with rice

roast pork loin with steamed carrots and new potatoes.

tuna steak with green salad, olive and tomato salsa and rice

salmon filet baked in oven with green salad and rice.

corn flakes with almond milk.

bacon, sausages mushrooms and (if you can handle them) eggs.

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remember to include plenty of fresh vegetables, salad, and fruit (if you can tolerate the sugar in the fruit). try making your own dressing using wine vinegar or lemon juice. just a tip, avoid anything with Spirit vinegar aka Acetic acid. despite the re-assurance that the distillation process eliminates the gluten this product affects me very badly and it's used in most salad dressings and sauces (often listed as Acidity regulator). also avoid "yeasty" foods like dried fruit, see if that helps. Try changing to Lactose free milk or soya milk and avoid fresh cheeses (cream cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, etc.) it will take a little time but you'll get there .


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