How would you know if you couldn't have oats?


I'm a dignosed coeliac by bloods and biopsy.

I suffer no outward symptoms of consuming gluten.

I have been adhering to my gluten free diet for quite some time now.

My dietician suggested I try eating oats for breakfast as I was suffering something quite like hypos even tho I am not diabetic.

I find recently that I'm suffering with gut problems..bloating. .constipation. .diarrhoea.

I had oats in my diet before in a biscuit that I like.

Any advice welcome


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  • Youngest son diagnosed last summer and I was advised to keep him oat free for a minimum of six months. Oldest son just diagnosed, dietician told us they are now reviewing their advice on oats, they are noticing that some people who have oats on a GF diet are showing damage when they have an endoscopy, even though some haven't had any physical symptoms. According to dietician they are thinking of advising to have an endoscopy after 6 months if oats are re-introduced into the diet.

    Also remember that oats are very prone to cross contamination, so are the oats you are having GF oats?

  • I was advised by my dietician not to have oats for 6months, then if I decided I wanted to introduce oat, I need to tell the dietician, so I could be monitored, I have now been diagnosed about 16months, but, I have not yet found the courage to try oats

  • If you need a more substantial breakfast cereal you could try buckwheat flakes, rice flakes or quinoa instead. You make them like porridge. The problem with most breakfast cereals is that they are processed and full of sugar (which could give you something like a hypo). Perhaps you could try a different type of breakfast, depending on what you have time for. I have plain full fat yoghurt with nuts and banana when I need something quick.

    Check this out for some alternative ideas

  • I have just started having Nairns Gluten free instant porridge. So far I have had no bad effects. Even though I had bad problems with oats pre diagnosis, but usually the problems I had were with things like oat biscuits and flapjack type bars. I hope I am ok with these gluten free ones because I have tried alternatives and it just not the same. Will keep you informed.

  • 20+years on and I still can't tolerate oats. As far as I'm aware I don't think they advocate eating oats at all in Australia. They also have a different idea of what is an acceptable level of gluten. I find it confusing that all docs don't think the same about it.

  • Hi jillip and others. Oats are defined as being of the gluten like variety of grain. And are as such not recommended for coeliacs in Australia. The reason being that there is no test for avenin - the gluten like - protein in oats.

  • On my appointment last month with the immunology consultant who I believe was involved with setting up the NICE guidelines for CD, I was informed that some recent research ( sorry don't know who had done the research ) had confirmed that oats were safe to eat.

    He said that the research had just been done and that as long as they were GF they were safe. I have had a quick look on the CUK website and cannot find anything about this recent research so whether it hasn't filtered through to them yet I don't know. I haven't tried any oats myself and don't intend to as I don't think its worth the risk, although I do miss porridge.

  • with regards to oats i was speaking to an older lady in the supermarket a month ago, she,s been coeliac for about 15yrs and has found she can eat a certain brand without any problem,but tried another brand and was affected.I decided to avoid oats as they are usually milled in same premises as flour and i believe there is to much chance of cross contamination. I,m not prepared to take the chance, but thats my personal choice.

  • Hiya..

    Thank you for the replies..

    I have been eating prescription oats..Nairns.

    I have decided to relook at everything that I eat making sure nothing else is upsetting my gut and I'm going to quit the oats a while and try the buckwheat porridge.

    Thank you all for your replies



  • I have been told to stay off oats till completely symptom free and a normal TTG - maybe up to 2years. I think I will be too scared to try them as they gave me such a bad time pre-diagnosis.

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